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Help me identify 80s bonkbusters oh wise mn

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Bramblesinforrin Sun 06-Oct-13 14:54:11

I am trying to identify which 80s bonkbusters the following plot lines or circumstances are from. I don't think they're all the same book. Help oh wise literary ones.

The one with the boat with the really sharp spike on it at the end (which skewers someone at one point).

This could be the same one where the heroine has sex just the once with the husband with the heart condition so that she can conceive.

Then there is the one where the ingenue is taken shopping in Paris for a Hermes scarf and is always given not quite enough food to eat so that she constantly feels a little hungry.

Thank you oh wise ones.

Bramblesinforrin Tue 08-Oct-13 18:16:33

Hollywood wives. That sounds like a must read.

Ah lovely 80s trashy bonkbusters, giant should pads and chunky gold jewellery.

mignonette Tue 08-Oct-13 18:26:31

It is pure trashy indulgence written by a master of the craft. And I mean that as no disrespect to Ms Collins.

Still thinking what your mystery book could be Vivien. Ms Collins did write some books w/ a rock star as a main character- one was called Lovers and Gamblers i believe.

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