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The Year of the Flood - Remind me of the ending. Hopefully full of SPOLIERS!

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AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Mon 30-Sep-13 13:34:06

As you can tell from my name (many name changes ago it was Amanda Payne), I am a massive Atwood fan.

So despite never buying hardbacks, I am planning to get MaddAddam.

I have a copy of Oryx and Crake and reminded myself of the ending, but I got The Year of the Flood from the library and now can't remember who was where and with who at the end. Also, was it Ren or Amanda who got dragged off by the painballers (and therefore presumably who Jimmy is watching at the end of O&C).


MostlyHarmless84 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:35:45


I'm just finishing The Year of the Flood now (although it's taking me ages so I might not reach the actual end for a while)!

So far, Ren and Toby are off looking for Amanda who was snatched by the Painballers. They've just met the "Crakers", who tell them they have recently seen two men (Toby killed the third, Blanco earlier on) and a woman - presumably Amanda and the painballers. Snowman (Jimmy) has gone looking for these three, with his injured foot.

Meanwhile, Zeb and Shackie are on a mission with 2 other MaddAddams to find Adam One and the rest of the gardeners, assuming they're still alive.

I think that's about it so far! Hope it helps. If anything wildly different happens by the actual ending I'll come back and let you know (but at this rate that may be Christmas!)

Hope you enjoy MaddAddam!

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Tue 01-Oct-13 09:38:41

Thank you. So it was Amanda who was snatched by the painkillers. That deals with one question that was reeeeeallly bugging me, so thank you.

Thank you for all the other details too. Keep me posted on the very end if and when you get there!

MostlyHarmless84 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:48:27

Will do, glad I could help!

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Tue 01-Oct-13 11:51:26


eddiemairswife Tue 01-Oct-13 12:28:36

Can't remember the actual ending, but I do remember that Jimmy's injured foot was making him really ill and the prognosis was not good.

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Tue 01-Oct-13 20:32:36

Yes, I get the impression Jimmy might be vairy ill in this new book. I'd quite like him not to snuff it though. grin

MostlyHarmless84 Tue 01-Oct-13 21:35:37

Oh my gosh, I've just finished it: amazing!

Toby and Ren find Amanda with the two Painballers, looking dreadful. As Toby prepares to shoot them, Jimmy appears, raving and waving a spraygun around. Ren runs out to stop him doing anything stupid, then Toby steps out pointing the rifle at the painballers. In the confusion, Amanda uses her last ounce of strength to escape from the man holding her and knock both men out with a rock. They tie up the painballers, still alive, while Toby prepares food. Jimmy is very unwell and feverish, talking about an owl which only he can see, and about music he can hear. Eventually, the others too hear the singing of many people approaching - presumably the Crakers, who earlier said they could heal Jimmy if he let them purr over his wound (their healing mechanism).

Meanwhile, Adam One and the remaining gardeners have returned to their rooftop garden. However, we discover that the virus has arrived in the group: at least three have already died and Adam One says he can feel the initial symptoms of the virus himself.

Phew! Hope that all made sense in my excitement. What a great book - I can't wait to read MaddAddam now!

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Tue 01-Oct-13 21:38:01

Thank you! Thank you!

£13 isn't too much to spend on a book, is it?

MostlyHarmless84 Tue 01-Oct-13 22:00:40

Not at all - think of the hours of entertainment you'll get from it. If you think of it by the hour it's actually great value!

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Tue 01-Oct-13 22:02:54

Yes, per hour cost very low. Good point!

MostlyHarmless84 Tue 01-Oct-13 22:05:50

Hope you enjoy it smile

MaddAddam Wed 02-Oct-13 22:20:50

Oh look, another Oryx and Crake username!

Maddaddam is only about £10 on the kindle, I also couldn't wait for the paperback. It's been a great read.

MaddAddam Wed 02-Oct-13 22:21:57

p.s. teeny spoiler alert, I adored the pigs in Maddaddam.

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Wed 02-Oct-13 22:22:44

But I would have to buy a Kindle...

Yes, I've been Amanda P(ayne) in various guises for about a year now...

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Wed 02-Oct-13 22:23:07

Pigoons? Or actual pigs?

MaddAddam Wed 02-Oct-13 22:23:27

Yes. Pigoons. Or Pig Ones.

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Wed 02-Oct-13 22:25:46


MaddAddam Wed 02-Oct-13 22:36:53

Amanda, you are going to have to find out what happens to Amanda....

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Wed 02-Oct-13 22:37:55

I really don't want it to be bad. I've heard a rumour she's a bit of a shell in this book after what happened with the painkillers and am nervous!

AmandaPandtheNightmareMonsters Wed 02-Oct-13 22:38:14

Bloody autocorrect. Painballers.

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