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Just read 12 years a slave and can never see the new movie....

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derbyshire Fri 13-Sep-13 16:36:52 it would devastate me!
Came across the memoir from 1854, 12 Years a Slave, free on my e-reader over the summer so decided to read it as had heard a movie version was coming out this winter.
I'm not a public cryer but when it came to the section where a slave called Eliza has her DS(10) and DD(7) sold away from her I was wiping away flowing tears - sitting in a park watching my DS(10) and DD(7) play it was too close to the bone.
There were lots of horrific/sad parts in the book but I literally could not reread this section.
It is a great read, though, and the film is getting excellent reviews but I don't think I could watch it play out on screen.
Anyone else read this book or planning to see the film?


Cherrypi Sat 14-Sep-13 11:47:15

My husband's reading it at the moment and told me about that bit too. Powerful stuff. Great film cast too.

FreeSpirit89 Thu 08-May-14 23:25:14

I'm currently reading it, having never seen the film.

It's seems quite good, and very harrowing. Haven't got to the part where Eliza is sold away from her children yet, how terrible

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