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Calling Antonia Forest fans - who is your favourite character and who are you most like?

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MirandaWest Thu 29-Aug-13 20:03:04

Have been doing some re-reading of Antonia Forest books (including Spring Term which I had only read once before and couldn't remember much at all blush)

As is probably clear I do like Miranda very much smile And also like Rowan too. Ginty annoys me, as does Lawrie to a lesser extent.

I enjoy reading about Nicola but in real life I think I would find her a bit intimidating.

I do sometimes think I might be an Esther. But at least I am not a Lois....

ParkerTheThief Sun 22-Sep-13 13:56:02

The whole Catkin thing always struck me as being very unfair.
Nicola and Peter had to use their savings to pay fot The Idiot Boy whereas Ginty was given Catkin.

ancientbuchanan Sun 22-Sep-13 15:47:41

1950s young girl /deb dresses, new look in flowery chintzes if summer, plain satin if v posh do, or Marino wool with peter pan collars, I think, n winter.
Bolero to fight off draughts. Olders wore off the collar bone and shivered.

1967 summer, ice cream colour stripes in hard satiny stuffs, less of a skirt but still waisted. Rather Italian.
Stripes horizontal not vertical to emphasise waist. Might begin to have a small Orange stripe. Can't recall winter,

1970 summer, in rebellion, orange and black mini shift in sheer silk. Stripes vertical or horizontal. Tights not stockings. ? Gloves and hat. The decline begins.

For the Bohemian, kaftans and m+s nighties worn as evening attire. Beginning of Laura Ashley.

All up in dressing up box in loft unless DM has thrown away.

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