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Help me remember the name of this chick lit book!

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Cantdothisagain Sat 24-Aug-13 19:36:47

I loved this one too. And a couple of her others. Her characters feel very real.

WestmorlandSausage Sat 24-Aug-13 12:31:53

I clicked on the link knowing it was going to be Kiss Him Goodbye.

Ah I loved that book. Lent it to a friend years ago and never got it back

bigfuckoffpie Sat 24-Aug-13 12:21:36

Thanks Cantdo, that's the one! A friend at Uni lent it to me and I had a sudden urge to read it again.

Cantdothisagain Sat 24-Aug-13 06:40:51

Victoria Routledge, Kiss Him Goodbye?

WayHarshTai Fri 23-Aug-13 15:55:04

Was it by Freya North?

mignonette Fri 23-Aug-13 15:51:54

Was it a Jilly Cooper?

bigfuckoffpie Fri 23-Aug-13 15:49:50

It was about a graduate who moved from Newcastle (?) to London and worked in publishing. Her boyfriend was called Giles (?) and spent most of the book working in the US, and she eventually dumped him to go out with her flatmate. I think some of the other characters were called Tosca and Cressida. It had a yellow cover with a picture of a girl on the front. Part of the plot hinged around her and her flatmate rewriting a novel that the villain, who I can't remember at all, was writing about their flatshare.

Any ideas? I think it came out in the late 90s/early 00s.

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