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trying to remember a children's book series

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gastrognome Fri 30-Aug-13 12:53:23

It wasnt The Saturdays, by Elizabeth Enright, by any chance? The kids aren't called Harvey though.
Lovely series of books that I read over and over.

Cies Thu 29-Aug-13 22:37:51

It's not the Hardy Boys is it?

5Foot5 Thu 29-Aug-13 22:36:02

Children in the Barn Oh do try it! It is very, very good.

Heebiejeebie Sun 25-Aug-13 09:42:45

The Young Detectives - RJ McGregor (Puffin).
I hope so, I LOVED Them.

Lomaamina Fri 16-Aug-13 17:20:45

You could also try asking this question in the excellent Abebooks Book Sleuth Forum:

KurriKurri Fri 16-Aug-13 14:23:21

Thank you both for answering smile - I am beginning to doubt my memory slightly and am wondering if it was just one or two books rather than a whole series. I may spontaneously remember the author one day and be able to find it!

Thank you for the other suggestions though - as they both the Children in the Barn and the Bunkle books look rather enjoyable and I may well try them out.

IndridCold Fri 16-Aug-13 14:16:24

I'm afraid I can't think what they are either, though they sound a bit like the Bunkle books, which I used to love, and which are available again on this website which has republished some old children's books - stuff from the 40s and 50s mainly.

Lomaamina Fri 16-Aug-13 13:46:52

OP, I don't recognise your books, but it reminded me of the following Persephone book, which is highly recommended:

KurriKurri Wed 14-Aug-13 18:25:00

It is not the Harvey Family books by Gloria Cook which is what I keep getting when I google, these were childrens books.

KurriKurri Wed 14-Aug-13 18:22:30

Quite old - they came in those little red hardbacks with a colourful picture on the dust cover. They are about a family called the Harveys (IIRC) four children early teen kind of age, - as in all these fifties type things, they are left to their own devices while for weeks on end while responsible adults swan off abroad on 'business', and the children have various adventures/crises to deal with.

Can't remember the author, and can't find anything to match on Amazon, - does anyone have a clue what I am on about. Think the author was a woman.

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