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Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson

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SonyaL80 Wed 14-Aug-13 15:48:18

Has anyone read the Ice Cream Girls? ITV recently did an adaptation of it which was brilliant until they completely changed the ending – definitely didn’t approve of that. The book is great though and I liked both girls, although Serena a little more.

I've read it, but didn't see the TV thing. I didn't like the book much tbh - she wrote it when very young, and you could tell in the quality of the writing imho.

its not one of her best imo, but i enjoyed the book

i saw the first episode of the tv program but then completely forgot it was on so missed the rest blush

they changed the ending? i hate it when that happens. how did they change it?

mummymacbeth Sat 17-Aug-13 00:14:31

Thought the book was pretty goof but missed the tv series. I will look out for it now thanks smile

SarahAndFuck Sat 24-Aug-13 21:50:03

I missed the end of the TV series. What happened at the end?

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