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Holiday reads - Urgent!

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tripfiction Wed 14-Aug-13 14:36:58

The Brother in Law by Charity Norman is good family drama: (and if you like that you might like After the Fall, her first novel)

Currently reading Red Winter by Dan Smith, set in 1920s revolutionary Russia, slow boiling and very readable.

Hope you find something that suits!!

paulapantsdown Wed 14-Aug-13 13:25:07

So, my kindle is busted and I was going to make do without it, but we have booked a last minute holiday for this Saturday, and I'm going to buy a 2nd hand one I've seen in town later today. Could you all recommend two or three good reads for me for my holidays? I like the Jack Reacher books, historical fiction, family dramas and I hate romances.

Life has been so stressful (hence holiday much needed), so I have hardly read anything lately and I really want to download a few good books for the trip. I'm totally out of touch with whats worth reading thats new.


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