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Does anyone recognise this book please

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GeorginaWorsley Wed 14-Aug-13 08:46:15

Posted this in Children's fiction but thought it may get mire traffic here...

Read as young teen in 1980s
Heroine I think called Persephone,glamorous older sister Cordelia,
Family in reduced circumstances,live in flat above chip shop
Persephone sleeps in little attic room with views over other houses,she can see into elderly lady's house and becomes friends.
There is a Jane Austen connection,she may be reading Pride and Prejudice??

Anyone remember anything?
Its driving me mad!

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MarjorieAntrobus Wed 14-Aug-13 08:53:41

Just had a google because I was intrigued. This seems to answer the question. Don't know whether the answer is correct though!

GeorginaWorsley Wed 14-Aug-13 09:13:32

oh you are wonderful!
That's it!
I searched google but obviously nit very well.
Am delighted
Will hunt down a copy ,id like my girls to read it.

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MarjorieAntrobus Wed 14-Aug-13 09:16:17

Oh good!

Tabby1963 Wed 14-Aug-13 09:26:35

It is currently on Amazon...

Just £2!

GeorginaWorsley Wed 14-Aug-13 10:03:40

Have ordered.
Don't know why I suddenly started thinking about it,read it over 30 years ago!

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