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Maggie O'Farrell

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carben Thu 08-Aug-13 15:43:49

Anyone read her new one 'Instructions for a Heatwave' ? Worth buying ? Find her a little bit variable TBH but loved 'After You'd Gone' and 'The Hand that First Held Mine'.

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rabbitonthemoon Thu 08-Aug-13 17:31:24

I really liked it. Reviews are mixed but it's one of hers I've enjoyed the most. I think she captures things beautifully. I read it during the heatwave though and it felt like a perfect choice.

carben Thu 08-Aug-13 17:42:03

Thanks for that rabbit - think I'll just go for it. Though more than likely it will be pissing down by the time I read it. Will ruin the atmospherics !

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Optimist1 Thu 08-Aug-13 18:41:02

Yes, enjoyed it greatly. 'The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox' is another of hers that I really enjoyed.

gailforce1 Thu 08-Aug-13 18:42:01

Heatwave predicted next week Carben!

AnonYonimousBird Thu 08-Aug-13 18:58:44

I fancy this one, I really enjoyed The Hand That First Held Mine, and this is currently cheaper on Kindle I think! Well, it was a few days ago.....

intheshed Thu 08-Aug-13 19:04:07

I absolutely love Maggie O'Farrell and this one didn't disappoint, although it doesn't top The Hand That First Held Mine. Although I suggested it for our book group and the responses were mixed, some people found it too slow but then what do they know anyway

ShowOfHands Thu 08-Aug-13 19:08:17

After You'd Gone is still my favourite but I did enjoy this one too. As much as The Hand That First Held Mine and The Vanishing Act Of Esme Lennox. The other two I didn't love as much tbh. Definitely worth it imo.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 08-Aug-13 19:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mimbleandlittlemy Fri 09-Aug-13 16:23:58

We just read it for book club and we all really enjoyed it. Definitely worth giving it a go though it's not quite up there with Hand/Esme Lennox as far as I was concerned.

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