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Has anybody read Tampa?

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Lighthousekeeping Wed 07-Aug-13 13:13:53

I've just read a review for it. I don't know if it sounds interesting or just perverse! I need a holiday book but I don't want people to be looking at me strangely.

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TheFoosa Wed 07-Aug-13 15:52:14

yes, it was a challenging read at times but it was compelling. Not in any lascivious sense obviously, but in how society perceives cases like this. I think that if the genders were reversed it would be much more controversial. Why is teacher abuse of teenage boys seen as less shocking than that of teenage girls?

based on this case

I read it on my kindle as the cover was a bit too bold for public reading.

TheFoosa Wed 07-Aug-13 16:02:04

it's very graphic in places

Cherrypi Wed 07-Aug-13 18:05:47

I've read the sample on my kindle and was intrigued. Waiting for it to be reduced or turn up in the library.

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