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Summer reading recs for Remus please

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Okay, so you all know how bloody fussy I am, but it is that time again.

I'm having a bit of a classic sci-fi moment, so anything in that line would be good.

Really well written classic fantasy might work too.

Quirky history books would be great, especially anything with a criminal or medical slant.

Anything to do with Victorian or Edwardian history is usually up my street, again especially if it's slightly off the wall - prisons, graveyards, medicine, crime etc.

Anything to do with historical exploration especially polar or mountains.

Anything random you think might be worth a punt might also just be the one too.

Tia. smile

pollywollydoodle Wed 11-Sep-13 15:51:52

read a book and thought of this thread .
It:s not beautifully written but it is interesting. The Stolen Village...about pirates who came to a Cork village and abducted the, mainly Quaker, residents taking them to Algiers into slavery. slave's story and political intrigue behind the whole business

teatimesthree Sat 14-Sep-13 00:04:42

One non-fic suggestion: The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh

Fiction: Red Plenty. Really think you might like this one. Very meaty.

Have you read The Birthday Boys? (Antarctica...)

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