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Short story recommendations

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Teamjavert Sat 27-Jul-13 22:11:17

It'd be much appreciated if anyone could recommend some short story collections for me. I particuarly enjoy ghost stories,mysteries and psychological thrillers,but I'm open to any genre.

Recently I've enjoyed short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle,Roald Dahl,Daphne du Maurier,Agatha Christie,E.Nesbitt,Poe,Stephen King and M.R James.


tillyfernackerpants Sat 27-Jul-13 23:08:09

Some of the short story books I've liked recently are:
Nocturnes by John Connelly
Not the End of the World by Kate Atkinson
Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman

Have you tried books like the Granta Book of American Short Stories?

Viviennemary Sat 27-Jul-13 23:11:32

I've just read quite a good little book of short stories by Victoria Hislop 'The Last Dance'. It's a very slim book but worth reading.

elQuintoConyo Sat 27-Jul-13 23:17:59

Angela Carter, anything.
DH Lawrence, George Orwell, Fay Weldon.
The collection Such Devoted Sisters (Shena MacKay).

Oh, not really mystery/scary/other-worldly. Although Angela Carter does re-write fairytales - she wrote In the Company of Wolves; delicious!

Oldandcobwebby Sat 27-Jul-13 23:25:12

Not a collection, but have you read Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. Best sixty pages ever.

Uptheairymountain Sat 27-Jul-13 23:30:10

You might enjoy the many and varied anthologies edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling.

(not relevant to thread, but elQuintoConyo, I love your name! You've inspired my next namechange to something like ElConyoMasGrandeDeTodos)

NotYoMomma Mon 29-Jul-13 18:45:39

anything by Borges

particularly 'The Aleph'

tripfiction Tue 30-Jul-13 12:50:25

I have just come across Wanderers by Edward Belfar, a collection which is beautifully written and has really thoughts about humanity.

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