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Mr Men..............

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red37 Sat 03-Jun-06 20:03:17

.........books What is cheaper?
To buy them all indivually or buy them as a set.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 03-Jun-06 20:04:12

Book People or one of those do them as a set, and they're much cheaper than list price.

Whizzz Sat 03-Jun-06 20:04:41

usually 1.99 each

WigWamBam Sat 03-Jun-06 20:05:46

The Book People have 46 for £30 - much cheaper.

red37 Sat 03-Jun-06 20:06:22

They are 1.47 each in tesco at moment.
Not sure to go for the set.

red37 Sat 03-Jun-06 20:08:40

WWB -WOW thats a bargain. Thanks

shazronnie Sat 03-Jun-06 20:32:31

We got the set from Book People and it's great! DS1 loves them!

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