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A new book by Isabella Allende?

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rubyloo Tue 30-May-06 23:39:47

I have read books by this author in the past and loved them.. the trouble is I haven't read anything for six months or more!! (studying and working zap my energy for literature). I could be tempted back by a new book by this writer. Anyone know anything about her latest book.. I need inspiration to get reading again. Plus Im due to go on holiday next week and might actually get a chance to read!!
Thanks xx

spacedonkey Wed 31-May-06 15:40:37

iirc her latest book came out about a year ago and is a retelling of Zorro!

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 15:45:19

IMO Isabel Allende's best work were the earlier books, have your read them all? . If you want to try other author, I have found certain similarities with some of Amy Tan books, it's not magical realism but they have something in them that gives them a similar "feel".

suzywong Wed 31-May-06 15:47:36

I have the one about erotic recipes on my bedside table

not stricly fiction though

You've read House of the Spirits, I take it - Jeremy Irons as Estaban in the film version - were the producers on crack!!!!?/

spacedonkey Wed 31-May-06 15:51:42

I've never read any of her books myself, although Eva Luna is dp's favourite book

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 15:52:03

The Stories of Eva Luna were my main subject for one of my dissertations. The House of the Spirits is IMO her best book. I did stop buying her books after Aphrodite, I didn't like the new books as much, probably because by the time I knew the author so well that I could anticipate most of what was going to happen in the book... and lost interest.

rubyloo Wed 31-May-06 16:26:45

hi there.. thanks for posting.I suppose my affection for her books is based on the earlier ones.. haven't even heard of Aphrodite!!! very out of touch, but then i did say it. I loved House of the spirits and Paula (?) the one about her daughter. Maybe I won't bother with her latest stuff. The Amy Tan recomedation was appreciated. I read a couple of her books years ago.. what are the latest ones like, a recomendation maybe?

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 16:43:48

The Joy Luck Club
The Kitchen God's Wife
The Bonestter Daughter
The Hundred Secret Senses

There was another one after them, that was not exactly a novel but an autobography (I think) and, as the reviews were not particularly good I didn't buy it.

Chandra Wed 31-May-06 16:45:03

The stories of Eva Luna (Allende) is good, I liked it better than Eva Luna. But is not a novel but a collection of short stories.

rubyloo Wed 31-May-06 18:40:35

Thanks Chandra! Ive read the Joyluck club and enjoyed it so if i get chance Ill pick up one of the others before I go away.. Ill also try and find the short stories book as they might be good for my poor concentration!!

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