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running themes stephen king books

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marissab Sun 16-Jun-13 20:50:09

I'm reading Duma Key and am picking up lots of themes from other books. For example, one man who can't sleep says he feels like he's floating above himself like a balloon. This is an obvious ref to insomnia. I've read about links between books with randalf flagg and other baddies with `RF` initials. I would like to know more about these themes. Does anyone know if anyone's written anything i can read up on? It's something I'm interested in because I'm going back and re-reading the old SK's.

marissab Fri 02-Aug-13 20:45:06

Ooo interesting

DontHaveAtv Fri 02-Aug-13 10:29:13

marissab Fri 19-Jul-13 11:14:20

Going camping this wknd so gonna tromp through book 2 whilst there. Bit more exciting now hes helping that prisoner get through the airport.

I like The Regulators much more than Desperation. There's some silliness but I like that whole, 'suburbia in crisis' idea, and how some people crumble so quickly whilst others are able to cope even if we might not have expected them to.

Rufus43 Wed 17-Jul-13 17:43:49

Rereading some of his books, finished Desperation at the weekend and then I realised I should retread The regulators as they are linked. I like the Stand so much that I also have the unabridged version, bloody huge!

Couldn't stand Lisey and was also a bithmm at Rose Madder

KittenofDoom Sun 14-Jul-13 21:02:10

tillyfernackerpants The first SK book I started was "It", and I couldn't get into it (oops) at all. I read about a quarter of It grin and abandoned It grin, didn't try any others for a long time. One day I'll give It another go grin as It seems to be a favourite for most people. grin

tillyfernackerpants Sat 13-Jul-13 20:44:43

Stick with it!! I think DT really picks up with book 3 unfortunately smile

Anyway, those of you who know of the Crimson King have a look at this on SK's FB page grin

marissab Fri 12-Jul-13 19:16:51

Well i've just started reading the 2nd DT but havn't picked it up for 2 nights. This is not a good sign sad

TheOriginalSteamingNit Thu 11-Jul-13 09:04:51

I don't mean they should be corporate lawyers to prove he isn't a sexist! I just think he's a lot happier with folksy housewives, whilst their husbands do the writing.

Anyway - Big Driver. That's all I have to say.

His 'big job' people are invariably the bad guys! smile

HarderToKidnap Wed 10-Jul-13 20:50:14

SK 's women generally aren't career minded no. They don't have big powerful jobs, they aren't stockbrokers or lawyers. But they work as teachers, librarians, writers, secretaries, farmers. His men also do these same jobs! They arent career minded either. He doesn't write about people with big jobs and yes he does have a couple of SAH wives/mums, which reflects the reality of his home life. But these women are always smart, busy, creative, brilliant women. I just don't get a shred of sexism.

marissab Wed 10-Jul-13 18:47:48

I loved all the ones like pet semetary and it when i was young as i wasn't allowed to watch the films but i dont think my mum thought the books would be as scary :s but when re read any now, i can see much more depth to them than just an on the surface horror story. I guess i've matured as a reader. For example i read 'carrie' and the gripping bit back then was when she was covered in blood and murdering everybody. Now, i read it and the main part is her home life and the child abuse that went on. I've changed from loving Carrie as the baddie to pitying her as an abused child.

tillyfernackerpants Wed 10-Jul-13 16:10:26

Out of curiosity, are there any SK books you read ages ago, never really got or liked but rereading them years later realised what you've missed? Does that make any sense? grin

Apt Pupil was like that for me, was generally my least favourite in the Different Seasons collection, but when I reread it a few months back, it really stayed with me.

ILovePonyo Tue 09-Jul-13 23:21:21

Will do! (I'm 32 btw wink) will post back in about 4 weeks when I've finished it haha.
I remember not bring allowed to watch IT, but watching it anyway, then REALLY regretting it shockhmm

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Tue 09-Jul-13 23:17:45

"Floating like a balloon" that surely references It where the clown tempts the child into the sewer with a balloon and says "We all float down here!"

GetStuffezd Tue 09-Jul-13 23:13:07

GetStuffezd Tue 09-Jul-13 23:12:55 here you are! The whole gloriously terrible three hours of the Langoliers! I'm off for a bath and bed with this on :-)
Ponyo, please please read the stand. We sound similar ages and I remember being young and my parents letting me watch the tv adaptation of the sand. It really "got" to me as only SK books do.

The story of The Langoliers is brilliant - one of his best imho.

ILovePonyo Tue 09-Jul-13 23:07:16

See I've not read the Stand either, I'm going to look it up on my kindle tomorrow! Not read the Cell but it didn't really appeal to me. Not seen Langoliers, doesn't sound like I want to grin

Freaky cross-post there! Not seen it though.

I just think some of his worlds work better than others. The bull stuff is silly and so is the thing with the piebald sides in Lisey's Story, but other fantasy like the world of The Langoliers, for example, is brilliant.

GetStuffezd Tue 09-Jul-13 23:04:38

Oh and has anyone seen The Langoliers? One of the funniest/most cringey SK adaptations ever. I LOVE it! :-)

GetStuffezd Tue 09-Jul-13 23:03:12

That's really weird, Ponyo! I've always felt like that about SK and I think it's what's prevented me being really addicted to his books. I think he describes "real" situations (however odd he chooses them to be) so well, but I HATE it when he goes off into fantasy. I really must give him another go. I read Cell when it came out and thought is was appalling.
The Stand though.... I've read it about eight times and know it tragically off by heart!

ILovePonyo Tue 09-Jul-13 22:58:31

Wow exactly the same GetStuffezd, I read it at a similar age and couldn't put it down, and I found the painting/bull parts frustrating! The actual 'real life' bits were much more scary. I re-read it a few years ago and still loved it, hope you do too!

GetStuffezd Tue 09-Jul-13 22:55:07

Rose madder was wonderful - it hooked me even at the age of 16 when I had no experience of DV. However, I hated it when it went into the bizarre tangent of the painting and the bull! God I must buy a copy and re read it and see if it makes any more sense 12 years later!

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