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50 Book Challenge 2013 -The Sequel!

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CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Sun 16-Jun-13 11:05:05

Morning all,

As the old thread here is nearly full, I have created a shiny new one for your delight and delectation.

Sign in and update your progress here!

I'm Cardiff and I've nearly finished book 16, so I'm very behind as to be in track we should be approaching 25 by now. Where is everyone else up to?

NicknameTaken Wed 10-Jul-13 11:29:23

22) Who moved my Blackberry? Lucy Kellman

First read this years ago, but picked it up on a whim at the library and enjoyed it again. I've been exposed to a lot more corporate speak since the last time I read it, so got more of the jokes. Still funny.

23) Sorry! The English and their Manners, Henry Hitchings

Bit of a disappointment. There are better books that cover similar ground.

24) Confessions of a Male Nurse, Michael Alexander

I was visiting a relative in hospital recently and admired the nurses hugely. Reading this as a corrective to my starry-eyed impulse to dash off and re-train as a healthcare provider.

MegBusset Wed 10-Jul-13 11:33:18

31. Martian Time-Slip - Philip K Dick
32. The Witches - Roald Dahl (to DS1 at bedtimes)
33. Bleak House - Charles Dickens. Quite the epic (880 pages, small type) but really, really good. Thrilling, and sad, and compassionate, and unexpectedly very funny.

juneybean Wed 10-Jul-13 12:45:12

20. The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir

juneybean Wed 10-Jul-13 12:45:21


CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Wed 10-Jul-13 14:49:03

17. The Sign by Raymond Khoury

Thriller about religion and global warming. A bit far-fetched in places and the author's views on particular comments come through loud and clear!

I also enjoyed Her Fearful Symmetry, it's very original.

Galaxymum Thu 11-Jul-13 12:28:04

Chick Lit mood reading in the garden so expect a few chick lit titles coming up!

34 A Rural Affair by Catherine Alliott
35 A Night On The Orient Express by Veronica Henry

36 is The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore.
I returned from the library with a batch of chick lit (plus Zadie Smith!) - now back to the garden and my books!

BOF Fri 12-Jul-13 18:27:04

49. Under Your Skin, by Sabine Durrant. A cracking thriller about a female tv presenter who finds a body, and then herself under suspicion.

And <drumroll>....

50. What Have I Done, by Amanda Prowse. A kindle cheapie, which had no literary pretensions, but was an emotional story of finding peace and hope after a shattering experience. It read like it was missing a third act though.

I'm going to keep going, and start a new one tonight. This weather is a great excuse for sacking off the housework and getting immersed in a book!

BOF Sat 13-Jul-13 17:59:44

51. Tideline. Creepy psychological thriller, a bit like Notes On A Scandal, or Misery. Excellent.

mumslife Sun 14-Jul-13 12:10:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DuchessofMalfi Sun 14-Jul-13 14:55:05

Book no. 63 Enduring Love by Ian McEwan.

greenhill Sun 14-Jul-13 16:25:43

28. The Island - Victoria Hislop. It wasn't badly written and I know some of the places in Crete, but the plot was a bit clunky and obvious.

WednesdayNext Sun 14-Jul-13 23:26:12

Finished book 28 "Saving Agnes" by Rachel Cusk. It was okay but I found out hard to read in places because off the excessively flowery language and the fact that nothing really seemed to happen.

Moving on to book 29: "The Hundred Year Old Man", which I've heard mixed reviews about so I'm looking forward to reading.

NicknameTaken Mon 15-Jul-13 11:54:31

25) Jane's Fame, Claire Harman (a re-read. About the fluctuations in Jane Austen's posthumous reputation - very interesting)

26) The Young Visiters, by Daisy Ashford. Loved this - written in 1890 when she was 9. It had me laughing out loud. Wonderfully quotable.

Currently on 27) Horace and Me, by Harry Eyres. I'm not sure how to describe this, part-memoir, part-meditation on the Roman poet Horace (of "carpe diem" fame). It's really lovely, a reminder of how to live well, to revel in wine and friendship, to taste the moment rather than to seize it. Pure pleasure.

BOF Tue 16-Jul-13 02:13:36

52. Apple Tree Lane, by Louise Doughty. Fantastic and beautifully-written courtroom drama which examines what happens when a woman transgresses expectations. Wonderful.

CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Tue 16-Jul-13 13:10:48

18. Ravens by George Dawes Green.

The story of a man who kidnaps a family of lottery winners in Georgia, US. Told over the course of a few days it is pretty fast paced, but lacks character development.

CoteDAzur Tue 16-Jul-13 23:27:37

24. Sweet Tooth - Ian Mc Ewan

I really liked this book. In some ways, it is similar to Atonement but the story is more interesting. I enjoyed the details about the period and stories-within-the-story.

NicknameTaken Wed 17-Jul-13 09:28:25

28) The Sense of an Ending, Julian Barnes. Enjoyable enough as a look back on life and how we construct memories of our past. Rather a portentous build-up with the denouement being a bit of a damp squib, but life can be like that...

Currently on (29) The Shelbourne Ultimatum, by Ross O'Carroll-Kelly. I don't think this series is well-known outside Ireland or whether it's readily accessible it is to non-Irish people (you've got to untangle the narrator's accent and slang and inside jokes), but it's hilarious and unexpectedly touching and the best portrait of post-Celtic Tiger Dublin that has yet been done.

WednesdayNext Wed 17-Jul-13 09:59:04

Cote I have ' Sweet Tooth' on my to read shelf! It might have to be my next book.

The only other Ian McEwan I've read is "Atonement', which I loved!

Galaxymum Wed 17-Jul-13 10:40:58

36 The Memory Garden by Rachel Hore - well I gave up on it when I felt at p131 I really didn't care what happened to the charactesr!
37 The Captain's Daughter by Leah Fleming - surprised how much I enjoyed this and was emotionally engaged with the main characters. I will definitely try her other novels.
38 Strong Woman by Karren Brady - some great advice and interesting experiences. Recommend to anyone trying to juggle family life and work/career.

Now struggling to find something that grabs me emotionally!

BOF Wed 17-Jul-13 19:37:18

53. The Man Who Forgot His Wife, by John O'Farrell.

A bit of light relief- dick lit really. But very entertaining.

BOF Thu 18-Jul-13 23:39:55

54. Road Closed, by Leigh Russell- crap, formulaic detective fiction. One star.

I'm giving the dross a break now, and trying 55. The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides- it's been sitting on my kindle for over twelve months, and I'm trying to resist the lure of drivel Daily Deals. Ten per cent in, and enjoying it so far.

BOF Fri 19-Jul-13 15:34:14

Hmm, I'm halfway through, and I just don't think I care enough about the existential angst of rich college students and the snoozefest that is discussing Derrida. David Lodge has d

BOF Fri 19-Jul-13 15:35:32

done self-absorbed literary lovelorn types better and with humour.

I think I'll jump ship. Middlesex is supposed to be better.

BOF Fri 19-Jul-13 17:55:19

Gah, I feel too guilty. I have to finish it. Sigh.

schooldidi Fri 19-Jul-13 18:42:22

27. we need to talk about Kevin. This isn't my kind of book at all but I stuck with it and found myself really caring about the characters. At one point I even cried, my 3yo came and cuddled me so I wouldn't be so sad.

Moving on to 28. Kiss and Hell - Dakota Cassidy. I felt like I needed some lightweight fluffy paranormal romance after Kevin. I'm already about halfway through, it's so quick and easy to read.

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