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Post-Apocalypse, Dystopian, Zombies ...

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LinghamStyle Thu 06-Jun-13 21:12:20

Any recommendations please?

I've just finished The Fall of Society (Book 1) which was free on Kindle and I'm half-way through the sequel but stuck for what to get next.

Thanks smile

LinghamStyle Thu 06-Jun-13 21:13:05

Oh and they don't have to be free books!

Dunlurking Fri 07-Jun-13 07:50:03

Today's kindle daily deal is very good - Angelfall by Susan Ee. Can't remember whether there are zombies in it but it has everything you could ask for from a dystopian book and very gripping. I paid full price last year and it was worth it <<taps feet impatiently waiting for sequel>>

LinghamStyle Fri 07-Jun-13 10:47:58

Thank you, I'll go look now.

World War Z
The Passage / The Twelve
Pride & Prejudice with Zombies
Myra Grant's Feed series

The above are all zombie books.

The Stand - Stephen King
Brave New World
War Of The Worlds
Any John Wyndham
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
Lord Of The Flies
A Clockwork Orange
The Running Man / The Long Walk - both King
The Road
Michael Grant's YA Gone series
The Knife Of Never Letting Go YA series

The above are dystopian, or vaguely

QueenFaeriecakes Fri 07-Jun-13 19:00:13

The enemy series by Charlie higson. Group of children surviving on their own in London after all the adults turn into zombies. Addictive reading!

ThreeBeeOneGee Fri 07-Jun-13 19:05:45

Wool, by Hugh Howey.

I'm now reading the sequel, Shift, and it's even better!

No zombies though.

StellaNova Fri 07-Jun-13 20:20:02

Children of the Dust
The Book of Dave

One of my favourite books ends up post apocalyptic and I always want to rec it on threads like this but it is kind of a spoiler to do so.

Brother In The Land
Z For Zaccharia

LinghamStyle Sat 08-Jun-13 00:34:06

Thanks everyone! I've read some of those and now I have some to look at. I downloaded Angelfall earlier so I'll start that once I've finished The Fight of Society.

I should have said and/or Zombies in my title as there doesn't have to be Zombies - just chaos and/or oppression :-D

Stella if you don't want to put the book on thread would you mind sending me the title via PM pretty please? You've piqued my interest now!

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 00:41:56

'Last Light' Alex Scarrow
'Allison Hewitt is trapped' and 'Sadie walker is stranded' by Madeleine Roux
The 'Autumn' series by David Moody
The Morningstar Strain series by Z A Recht

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 00:46:12

'Day by Day Armageddon' J L Bourne
'Aftermath' Roger Williams

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 00:54:56

'Apocalypse of the dead','Flesh Eater' and 'Dead City' by Joe McKinney
'Death of Grass' John Christopher
'On the Beach' Nevil Shute
'Zombie Britannica' Thomas Emson
'The First days:As the world dies' Rhiannon Frater (she's written two after this but I can't remember what they are called - both also worth a read though)
'Zombie Apocalypse' Stephen Jones
'Survivors' Terry Nation
'The day of the Triffids' John Wyndham

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 01:04:54

'48' James Herbert
'Plague' Graham Masterton
'Plague 99' Jean Ure

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 01:17:51

'Afterlight' by Alex Scarrow
'Flood' Stephen Baxter
'Down to a sunless sea' David Graham
'The Snow' Adam Roberts.

The other two Rhiannon Frater ones are 'Fighting to survive' and 'Seige'.

LinghamStyle Sat 08-Jun-13 01:32:07

VerySmallSqueak thank you! I've had a look at some of those and I'll be adding them ASAP!

I had a look at the Rhiannon Frater ones before but they weren't available on Kindle and the paper books were quite expensive - I'll look again though now you've reminded me about them.

ThreeBeeOneGee Sat 08-Jun-13 09:11:29

I loved 'Afterlight' and 'Flood'.

There was another book in the same series as Flood (called Ark I think) about the group that attempted to survive by going off into space. There was another group that built a city at the bottom of the ocean so I'm hoping he'll write a book about them too.

I thought, 'Autumn' was bloody awful tbh - he writes like a teenager, who has never read a book in his life. Sorry, Squeak - I think we might have agreed to disagree about him before. He makes the 'Eragon' series (which are also bloody awful and were indeed written by a teenager) seem positively Shakespearean in comparison. Shockingly inept writing imho.

Sorry to go on but I thought it was THAT bad!

VerySmallSqueak Sat 08-Jun-13 15:43:34

Yes,I remember Remus !!

I have to say that my enjoyment of a book is bound by the content more than the style - I'm not particularly sophisticated as far as great literary tomes go!!

Easily pleased by a bit of blood and guts 9 times out of 10 tbh grin.

bran Sat 08-Jun-13 15:53:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenFaeriecakes Sat 08-Jun-13 17:27:07

Do a search on Facebook for the group 'zombie book of the month' , they always come up with new exciting reads

bran Sat 08-Jun-13 18:22:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LinghamStyle Sat 08-Jun-13 19:50:58

I've read Wool, really enjoyed it apart from the lengthy engineering parts. Thankfully I'm able to speed read stuff I don't really like. I'm definitely getting the sequel.

JackieTheFart Sat 08-Jun-13 21:23:56

Swan Song is bloody great, hints of The Stand if you are a Stephen King fan.

I agree with The Mammoth Book of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, I have it and it is great. Almost every story is one I would read again, but there are some really stand-out brilliant stories.

Any John Wyndham, old but fabulous. The Kraken Wakes and The Day of the Triffids are my absolute favourites.

Plague by Lisa C. Hinsley was very good - I enjoyed her others on Kindle as well although I can't remember the names of them. Plague had some really uncanny coincidences with my own life.

Stella I really want to know what your fave book is now!

LuisSuarezTeeth Sun 09-Jun-13 14:49:16

Thanks for these suggestions, marking place smile

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