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I want to like Jackson Brody . . . convince me! V slight spoiler

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Feathered Thu 30-May-13 09:14:40

Having read and loved (LOVED!!!) Behind the Scenes at the Museum I decided to try Case Histories. Crime isn't my thing really, but I wanted to see what Kate Atkinson would do with it.
I didn't exactly dislike it and I have raced through it but I'm not blown away.
I'd like to know what other people think . . . and whether I should get the next ones.
Also, I didn't quite get the ending for the 'Caroline' character . . . did I miss something or did she just (SPOILER) ride off into the sunset with the vicar?
Having said it didn't blow me away it has obviously got into my system a bit. The theme of vulnerable young girls and women left me a wreck yesterday, every time I lost sight of my 5 year old daughter - if I read another J.B. book I'm not doing it when it's the half term holiday!

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LunaticFringe Thu 30-May-13 13:53:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 30-May-13 16:32:43

I wouldn't bother tbh. I like JB as a character but think that the books are pretty poor overall and rely heavily on rather clunky coincidences. A shame, as I also really liked Behind The Scenes. Then again, her other none JB ones are even worse - 'Human Croquet' is positively ridiculous imho.

Have you read any Liz Jensen? She's generally more reliable than KA, imo, although, 'The Rapture' is a bit daft. Try, 'The Ninth Life Of Lois Drax' or 'My Dirty Little Book Of Stolen Time.'

BestIsWest Fri 31-May-13 17:56:50

I really struggled with the first JB book years ago and gave up on it. Such a disappointment as I loved BTSATM. Then I read Started Early, Took My Dog last year and really liked it so went back and read the others and thoroughly enjoyed them this time around.

Has anyone read the new one? I downloaded a sample on to my Kindle but wasn't enamoured enough of it to buy the whole book. Does it improve?

BestIsWest Fri 31-May-13 17:58:54

The Ninth Life of Louis Drax is £1.31 on Kindle - just bought it.

Feathered Sun 02-Jun-13 12:06:46

Thank you - I'll try Liz Jensen. Might give the other Jackson Bs a go . . . hmmm.

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