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Whose Poo?

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eidsvold Thu 18-May-06 03:59:49

just bought this book for dd1 ( almost 4) - fabulous... had fairy poo ( stars) robot poo ( nuts and bolts) snowman poo ( snowballs) rocking horse poo ( wood shavings piggy bank poo ( money) finishes up with potty and the inevitable question of whose poo? Brilliantly illustrated and fabulous...

also by same author that dd1 has enjoyed - What colour are your knickers? Fabulous animals with various shades of knicker colour - good for helping learn colours...... Bums - with various bums - like stripy zebra bum, red baboons bum etc.....

Anyone else read these ones.

yawningmonster Thu 18-May-06 04:53:05

No but would love the author they sound really good.

eidsvold Thu 18-May-06 06:43:58

Jeanette Rowe is the author.

nikkie Fri 19-May-06 19:47:43

not seen these, but have you seen 'the mole who felt it was none of his business'? all about poo we saw a performance of it last year my dd2 was in stitches and the book went everywhere for months

tallmummy Fri 19-May-06 19:50:40

I've seen the mole one. DS2's favourite is Pooh, was that you Bernard? A story about farts

eidsvold Mon 22-May-06 05:10:02

bums and what colour are your knickers are by different authors I noticed when I read them to dd1 the other day. Will get back to you with those.

what colour are your knickers?


links for purchasing the books - see they have a UK database - might be able to purchase them

threebob Mon 22-May-06 06:06:11

Yawning Monster - they can be ordered from Chrsitchurch City Libraries free of charge on an child's card. Ds loves whose poo.

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