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Will Self...........

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LEMisdisappointed Mon 29-Apr-13 22:24:50



Insightful and challenging??

I read "the book of Dave" i enjoyed it, im not sure i got it, but i enjoyed it.

Downloaded and started reading "My idea of Fun" and i'm not too sure, i suspect it is going to be quite dark but wow - there are a LOT of big words there and well, they all seem rather extraneous (theres a big word, right there!) I'm not entirely sure they are all correct and in context either.

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maillotjaune Mon 29-Apr-13 22:56:25

Up until a couple of months ago I would have picked 'pretentious' from that list based on reading his columns in the Statesman. Then I read Umbrella.

I loved it, almost started reading it again as soon as I had finished.
Not sure if I fancy any of his others though.

MrsCosmopilite Mon 29-Apr-13 22:59:51

I've read quite a few. I found 'book of Dave' really hard to read, but I did enjoy it.

Got into his books after going to a book reading. Afterwards he was signing copies, and was happy to chat and recommend reads for a 'Self' virgin.

Having said that, I've not read any of his for a few years. Perhaps it's time to pick one up again.

LittleMissLucy Thu 02-May-13 21:42:36

I hate to say it but I find him very much a writer for men more than women. Its just his whole style and sensibility.

Nagoo Thu 02-May-13 21:46:27

Great Apes is fabulous.

I had a dream I was a chimp after reading it. It was a bit intense.

Nagoo Thu 02-May-13 21:47:47

That wasn't a very intellectual review was it? grin

LittleMissLucy Thu 02-May-13 21:48:35

funny though.

LEMisdisappointed Thu 02-May-13 21:49:35

I haven't found that Littlemiss but then i probably tend not to read books directed at women specifically.

I am really enjoying this one - its quite disturbing and dark and im not always sure im getting it but its gripping

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LEMisdisappointed Thu 02-May-13 21:50:14

I don't do intellectual smile

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LittleMissLucy Thu 02-May-13 21:50:36

I don't think I've ever read a book directed at a woman. you sound snooty and I'm the one with a Phd in Literature...!

Corygal Thu 02-May-13 21:53:17

Underrated genius. Trouble is, the writing is so good more than one sentence at a time is exhausting, which can be inconvenient.

A short story of his called Scale will blow you away - and you can read the whole thing without stopping. It's a delight.

LEMisdisappointed Thu 02-May-13 22:08:05

snooty? me?? ahahaaahahaahahahahahaaahaaahahahahahaha oh, bless you - thanks

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CoteDAzur Fri 03-May-13 09:10:25

"very much a writer for men more than women. Its just his whole style and sensibility."

Some of us find that style pretty awesome. In fact, if you can think of any other such authors you would call "a writer for men more than women", please share. I only recently found out about Will Self and would be happy to find other authors like him.

I don't read women's lit, either, and don't think this has anything to do with being "snooty". I generally don't enjoy them so steer clear of that section in bookstores.

CoteDAzur Fri 03-May-13 09:11:00

By the way, if you like Will Smith, you must read J G Ballard.

LEMisdisappointed Fri 03-May-13 10:45:05

Will smith???? Tee hee

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OneHolyCow Fri 03-May-13 10:51:11

Will Smith?? He writes now, does he??
As Self?

fubbsy Fri 03-May-13 10:59:04

I like the idea of Will Smith pretending to be Will Self grin

MrsLettuce Fri 03-May-13 10:59:15

I love his writing. How the Dead Live is one of my all time favourite books.

CoteDAzur Fri 03-May-13 11:47:43

LOL I will just blame that one on auto-correct grin

LEMisdisappointed Fri 03-May-13 12:36:01

I once started a thread in AIBU saying AIBU because i wouldn't chuck Will Self out of bed - when what i MEANT to say was AIBU because i wouldnt chuck Will Mellors out of bed (Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps - phwoooaaar), it wasn't until i got some perplexing YABUs that i realised my error, i didn't know who Will Self is at the time. I do now though because i've gone all snooty grin

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OneHolyCow Fri 03-May-13 12:51:38

Cultured, like, that's what you is!

LEMisdisappointed Fri 03-May-13 13:13:43

Yeah, proper culchered i am bruv ;-)

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LEMisdisappointed Fri 03-May-13 13:15:56

now see, ive just googled Will Self on images - i'd do him too! i aint that fussy it would seem - its good to have a bit of diversity though, wouldnt you say?

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CoteDAzur Fri 03-May-13 14:05:52

Oi calm down you lot <<throws bucket of cold water>> grin

BumpingFuglies Fri 03-May-13 14:09:24

How the dead live is one of my all time faves but haven't read any others. Mr self does strike me as rather self absorbed though smile

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