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Anyone read - We've got to talk about Kevin

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drosophila Sat 13-May-06 10:08:05

Just wondered what you think if you have. I am half way through it and have mixed feelings about it. Iy's interesting to explore the relationship between a mother and son when they don't get along but somehow I don't feel her pain.

janeite Sat 13-May-06 14:54:36

I hated it and gave up before I'd got half way through as I just couldn't stand the narrator. Loads of people seem to love it though.

alexsmum Sat 13-May-06 14:59:00

yes- i found her a very unsymapthetic character.but i think that is the point of the book.if we liked her and felt for her then kevins behaviour could all be explained as nature.but because she is an unpleasant character we have to think much harder about the causes for his actions.if you can get through it you will be glad.tough book to read but very interesting.

drosophila Sat 13-May-06 19:37:04

I think I find her language unbelievable. You know she is sitting there waiting to see her Kevin and she strikes up a convo with another Mum. I had to double check that there were Quotation Marks cos i thought surely she wouldn't speak to her in such a bookish way IYKWIM. I find that a lot the dialogue is just not how real people talk even highly intellectual people.

I will keep going though.

noddyholder Sat 13-May-06 19:45:19

I really enjoyed it Her language is a bit floery at times but I found the mother son thing fascinating and the ending is so moving

riddleywalker Sat 13-May-06 19:49:15

I did read it all & found it mildly entertaining although at least two of the characters totally unbelievable (husband and Celia, the daughter) - obviously plot devices to fuel the main story of mum and son. When I finished it and thought back over it, the story seemed more clever than I initially realised, although I still thought her husband's reaction to it all a bit suspect. I think it is one of those books where the narrator is obviously not all she pretends to be. Or is she?? Would really have liked to be part of a book group or something to hear what others thought.

JoolsToo Sat 13-May-06 19:52:48

yes there are other threads around about it.

I found it hard to read but enjoyed the story iykwim

drosophila Sat 13-May-06 19:58:41

Must get back to it. You have convinced me it's worth finishing.

nannyme Sat 20-May-06 15:42:04

I've just started it and find the linguistic style rather lofty which is kind of enjoybale but innapropriate for the reasons drosophila mentions.

I love her style of writing but this causes the narrator's character to lose credibility.

Am interested to see whether this will raise as many questions about parenting and motherhood as the hype suggests.

Twiglett Sat 20-May-06 15:42:52

its quite well written but unbelievable and predictable with bad characterisation

fullmoonfiend Sun 21-May-06 19:22:48

I started a thread on this earlier this year, do a search and you might find it.
We just did this at our RL book club and it provided a very heated debate..

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