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World Book Night

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lurkedtoolong Wed 10-Apr-13 01:23:47

WBN 2013 is on 23 April and I'm trying to get through a few of the book choices.

I've read:

The White Queen
Little Face
The Island
Me Before You
The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency

Currently reading Red Dust Road.

Which books have other people read and what did you think of them?

WBN Books

DuchessofMalfi Wed 10-Apr-13 08:11:10

I've read Girl With A Pearl Earring, Me Before You, and The Reader.

I've got The Island, The No.1Ladies Detective Agency, and Little Face on my tbr list.

There's some good choices on there this year smile

gailforce1 Wed 10-Apr-13 09:15:16

Thanks for the link lurked, I will return to later when I have some more time for a proper look!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 10-Apr-13 22:31:27

I've read:
Treasure Island (ok)
Ladies' Detective Agency (like these)
The Winterson one (liked the first half)
The Knife Of Never Letting Go (like the first two but not the third in the series so much)
The Island (hideously bad)
The White Queen (bored of PG now)
Started and gave up on The Secret Scripture (awful)
Noughts And Crosses (liked a lot but the last in the series was dreadful)
Girl With The Pearl Earring (didn't think much of it)
The Eyre Affair (he irritates me a lot)
The Road Home (this was okay)

Not terribly taken by this year's list tbh.

KurriKurri Wed 10-Apr-13 22:57:12

I haven't read many of them;

Have read Treasure Island
Secret Scripture (liked it - sorry Remus grin)
Have tried and failed with A McCall Smith - find him virtually unreadable.
Have read a couple by Sophie Hannah - and they were OK- nothing out of the ordinary thrillers, but readable if you are in the mood.
Don't like Jasper Fforde
Have read some others by Tracy Chevalier and enjoyed them.

The one that Dh and I are distributing is Damage - think we asked for the Jeanette Winterson, - but we got assigned Damage - I know nothing about it, haven't read anything by the author before.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 10-Apr-13 23:00:11

Kurri - no need to apologise! Which McCall Smith did you try? I like the Ladies' Detective ones but have found his others completely unreadable. I just like the 'gentleness' of Precious and co - and the way that tea always helps. smile

KurriKurri Wed 10-Apr-13 23:04:34

It wasn't the detective ones Remus - it was one of the Scotland Street ones- (I think that's what they are called), - it put me off trying the Detective Agency ones - although in theory they would be my sort of thing. maybe I should give them a try - especially if they feature tea grin

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 10-Apr-13 23:10:14

Do try one, Kurri. They are not great literature by any stretch of the imagination but they are perfectly pleasant easy reads, with a couple of really engaging characters and with a decent enough control of English to not set one's teeth on edge. smile I seem to remember us liking a couple of similar things in the past, so let me know what you think if you do try one. I use them as 'bath time' books, when I just need an hour switched off.

KurriKurri Wed 10-Apr-13 23:16:18

I will give them a go Remus thanks smile - and report back.

lurkedtoolong Fri 12-Apr-13 00:29:32

I'm distributing the McCall Smith books this year. Was the only title that I particularly knew and liked on the list. I think last year's list was probably better but having said that I'm loving Red Dust Road.

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