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Anyone read The Expats?

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AgentProvocateur Thu 04-Apr-13 20:29:31

I really enjoyed this well-written thriller, and read it over two nights, but I have a question about the ending? I don't want to put it here as it may spoil it for anyone who's not read it, but I would like to discuss.

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Apr-13 20:32:19

I've read it - try me. I might have to go and refresh my memory though smile

ggirl Thu 04-Apr-13 20:33:16

I've read it..have shit memory though

KrispyCakehead Thu 04-Apr-13 20:34:31

Yes. Twas free on Kindke. V good.. quite a page turner

kasbah72 Thu 04-Apr-13 20:35:27

Enjoyed it too, especially having got it free for the kindle! What's the question?

AgentProvocateur Thu 04-Apr-13 20:39:12

At the very end, in Paris, when Kate has confessed all to her boss, asked for her job back and been granted immunity if she gets the full confession from "bill" and "Julia", and has planted the bug in the sugar bowl...

She's about to confront Bill with his secret, and he gets ready to shoot her. Then she realises Julia is pregnant and decides not to, drops the bug in the wine, and lets them get away.

Bill's secret - was it just that he had worked out that Julia was in on it, so was only with her for the money? Or was there more?

DharmaBums Thu 04-Apr-13 20:39:23

I read it too and was unsure about the ending also!

ChippyMinton Thu 04-Apr-13 20:53:09

No good, I'll have to read the ending again.

NumTumDeDum Thu 04-Apr-13 21:00:13

I took it to be that he was initially with Julia for the money but then fell in love with her and he was prepared to protect his relationship by silencing kate.

AgentProvocateur Fri 05-Apr-13 08:22:38

Thanks, NumTum - just wondered if I'd missed something more.

tripfiction Sun 07-Apr-13 19:47:09

We took it that Julia's pregnancy triggered second thoughts - throughout the book there had been LOTS of musings on the role of being a mum and a child without a mum (who would probably be in prison going forward) is a sad thing. So, they were let go.......]

You might like to look at our blog (we are part of the Mumsnet bloggers) which perhaps gives a bit more info....

PollyEthelEileen Sun 07-Apr-13 19:48:59

I have read it. I think I enjoyed it but can't remember anything about it. Kindle freebie.

Nerfmother Sun 07-Apr-13 19:55:27

I can't get into it is it worth trying again? Got to julia shooting her first kill last night, but then got scared after reading the girl on the landing!

Trills Sun 07-Apr-13 20:18:47

I have not read it but have now added to my list (trying not to read everything on this thread).

The Expats (just writing this so that it'll come up when I search).

I'll come back if I get around to reading it smile

pixiegumboot Sun 07-Apr-13 21:05:55

I thought the second thoughts thing too as she was pregnant. fantastic book for free yahoo!

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