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The last Runaway Tracy chevalier

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BrunellaPommelhorse Sun 31-Mar-13 13:38:26

I am enjoying atm - would recommend

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BrunellaPommelhorse Sun 31-Mar-13 13:39:01

oh bugger - wrong topic

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juneybean Sun 31-Mar-13 13:39:07

Ooo I really enjoyed her Girl with the Pearl Earring smile

OloeufiaMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 31-Mar-13 13:40:31

Ooh I like tracy chevalier.

BrunellaPommelhorse Sun 31-Mar-13 13:40:44

Its very easy to read

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AnonymousBird Sun 31-Mar-13 14:10:10

I'm just waiting for the Kindle Price to drop - I've always loved Tracey Chevalier!!!

KurriKurri Sun 31-Mar-13 17:30:25

Oh like her books, - I'd recommend Remarkable Creatures as well, - lovely story.

tripfiction Wed 03-Apr-13 08:34:49

It's good, isn't it? Highlights from the lastest independent review (4.5 *) we have: "Tracy Chevalier has captured the sense of 1850s Ohio so well, her descriptions of both the place and people really do jump from the page, from the intense heat, to the bitterly cold winters. The food, the fashions and the small settlements are wonderfully drawn....Tracy Chevalier has an ease to her writing that captures the reader's imagination so well. I have no doubt that existing fans of her novels will enjoy this story"

Babyjaguar Wed 03-Apr-13 08:47:05

I'm now enjoying "she left me the gun"

HappyJoyful Wed 03-Apr-13 08:51:29

Ohh how exciting it's out then now? I'm assuming in hardback.. I've loved pretty much all, except one, of her books.

Babyjaguar Wed 03-Apr-13 08:59:19


louloutheshamed Sun 07-Apr-13 10:26:11

I've just finished this! I loved it! Never read anything by her before as didn't think she sounded my 'type'. I have just downloaded remarkable creatures as had a conversation with my sister the other day about fossils and Lyme Regis and then saw this so it seemed like a sign!

Hoping I have found a new writer, always exciting when that happens.

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