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The Woman Before Me - Ruth Dugdall

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Feenie Fri 29-Mar-13 11:31:24

Had this on my wish list for ages, and have noticed it's 99p for the Kindle version today.

Saw her on an episode of Four in a Bed - she runs a B and B with her Mum and gave the guests free copies of her book, was quite surreal!

Clawdy Fri 29-Mar-13 16:37:40

It's gripping and sad,well worth a read.

juneybean Sun 31-Mar-13 13:36:27

I saw that episode and was a bit hmm and then goodreads started recommending her book! Sneaky thing!

AnonymousBird Sun 31-Mar-13 14:38:06

Thanks, had seen this a while back and have now bought it!

KurriKurri Sun 31-Mar-13 17:28:42

I've just started reading The Sacrificial Man, (also 98p atm) and am really getting into it. Have downloaded The Woman Before Me for later!

Clawdy Sun 31-Mar-13 22:31:58

Have to say The Sacrificial Man was too gruesome for me!

Feenie Fri 05-Apr-13 13:41:02

Just finished 'The Woman Before Me' and enjoyed it so much that I downloaded 'The Sacrificial Man' straight away.

A few annoying typos though - is it just me, or do there seem to be more of them in Kindle books?

MisterUdagawa Fri 05-Apr-13 13:46:39

oh i had to read it on holiday when my kindle broke, its really a bit crap. Low quality literature

Feenie Fri 05-Apr-13 13:53:57

Which one? I wouldn't have called The Woman Before Me low quality at all, thought it was very well written actually - couldn't marry the woman on TV with the book at all though.

looselegs Sat 06-Apr-13 18:35:41

Loved this book-couldn't put it down!

QuanticoVirginia Sat 06-Apr-13 19:02:16

The Woman Before Me has to be one of the best books I've ever read! I still think about it now as it really left an impression.

Slightly disappointed with 'The Sacrificial Man'. I couldn't really 'get' the motivation the female character had for going through with what she did when she was so vehemently opposed to it initially. Good twist though.

Feenie Sat 06-Apr-13 20:23:21

Am three quarters of the way through The Sacrificial Man, and agree with you - also, I really did have lots of sympathy with Rose for the majority of the book, and you just can't with whatsherface in this one.

Still cannot marry up naice lady author running chintzy B&B with her mother and lots of..well, rude bits confused grin

MimsyBorogroves Sat 06-Apr-13 21:23:25

Bugger, wish I'd seen this thread earlier, it's back up to £3-something.

KurriKurri Sat 06-Apr-13 22:15:08

Just finished Sacrificial Man - it did get quite gruesome! I agree with the comments about the main character, it was definitely flawed, but at the same time I got quite hooked and had to finish it.

Looking forward to reading The Woman Before Me now.

KurriKurri Mon 22-Apr-13 14:57:05

Thought I'd revive this thread because i've just finished The Woman Before Me.

I have to say I thought the themes were very similar to those in the Sacrificial Man, as was the twist and denouement of the book (shan't spoil it for any who haven't read it) So I'm wondering if she is a bit of a one trick pony.

Also because of the similarities I started to feel very uncomfortable with the general premises of what motivates women's behaviour, and I think the idea that tragedy in early life totally warps people is a bit insulting and simplistic. As I say - if it had just been in one story I'd have seen it as the viewpoint of that book, when it crops up in two then you start to think that the author believes women cannot cope with grief in any kind of normal way, I'm also a bit uncomfortable and hmm with the implications about death and trauma and sexuality.

I read to the end - they are definitely page turners, but i don't think I'll be reading anything else by this author. I'd be very interested in others views though.

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