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Has anyone read any Damon Galgut?

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KurriKurri Thu 21-Mar-13 19:10:28

Thanks OneHolyCow smile

I ended up buying 'The Good Doctor' - it was deal of the day for 99p so decided it was worth a punt.
So far it is readable (have only done about 4 chapters), not like Greene at all and even less like Niapaul, but readable, - not sure whether it is worth recommending until I've finished it, - it may go rapidly downhill!

OneHolyCow Thu 21-Mar-13 12:33:56

I've read one, a travel story.. something with 'room' in the title?
I am not hunting for more of his.. uhm.. The book was 3 stories, 1 of them I skipped quite a bit in because I got bored, he is travelling with another guy and they both behave rather obnoxiously.
Another story was really good, about a friend who visits but looses it completely. Very moving and honest.
So, what can I say?
Did not remind me of Greene at all, I read it because a blurb said Paul Auster.. also, not at all.

KurriKurri Mon 18-Mar-13 22:50:26

Three of his books are on todays kindle deal of the day. Blurb says he 'invites comparisons with Greene and Naipaul' which sounds good to me, but I'm never sure who wries the Amazon blurbs because I've bought some stinkers that have come highly recommended. Is he any good?

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