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Books set in Spain

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pillowcase Sun 03-Mar-13 08:42:46

Thanks for all that,
Am ordering Guernica, Therapy and For Whom the Bell Tolls hoping it'll be a good mix.

AnonymousBird Sat 02-Mar-13 12:21:22

OH, and I have the Scent of Lemon leaves too!

AnonymousBird Sat 02-Mar-13 12:20:37

Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I have Winter in Madrid, looking forward to reading that.

I have also read the first two Chris Stewart books, they are great - light, but fun and I do actually think they give a good sense of the country.

tripfiction Sat 02-Mar-13 10:51:23

Here is a mix of books by location/genre depending where you are going:
A Darker Night by P J Brooke - Grenada
A Death in Valencia by Jason Webster - Valencia
A Parrot in a Pepper Tree by Chris Stewart - Andalucia (author of Driving over Lemons)
From Barcelona, with Love by Elizabeth Adler - Barcelona
The Scent of Lemon Leaves by Clara Sanchez - Javea

A Blogpost too:

Have fun choosing!

pollywollydoodle Sat 02-Mar-13 02:57:13

thank you Best... i couldn't pull the name out of my muddled brain...

BestIsWest Sat 02-Mar-13 01:03:53

Polly I LOVE that David Lodge book. The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. He's one of my favourite authors.

pollywollydoodle Sat 02-Mar-13 00:57:05

and on a lighter note the main character in David lodge's Therapy goes on a pilgrimage through spain

fromheretomaternity Fri 01-Mar-13 23:59:19

try arturo perez-reverte

pillowcase Fri 01-Mar-13 23:56:50

oh thanks everyone for these, will get ordering something tomorrow when i look up a few reviews.

bluebump Fri 01-Mar-13 23:56:45

Ghosts of Spain is really good, really interesting.

BestIsWest Fri 01-Mar-13 23:48:54

I liked Guernica the best.

pollywollydoodle Fri 01-Mar-13 23:47:20

any of those 3 are better than the return imo

pollywollydoodle Fri 01-Mar-13 23:45:19

for whom the bell tolls
winter in Madrid(cj sansom)
Guernica..can't remember the author

BestIsWest Fri 01-Mar-13 23:44:27

Ah it was Ghosts of Spain: Travels Through a Country's Hidden Past by Giles Tremlett.

BestIsWest Fri 01-Mar-13 23:42:44

Guernica by Dave Boling and Winter In Madrid cover similar territory to The Return. All are heartbreaking.

Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell (Pillowcase it was my Paris thread grin, I haven't read this but it's in the same collection as Down and out in London and Paris.)

I read a great book about modern Spain a few years ago by a British journalist called Giles Something. I will have to google.

BOF Fri 01-Mar-13 23:40:23

Winter In Madrid is very good, and only 20p at the moment, I think.

pillowcase Fri 01-Mar-13 23:36:47

Oh I read Driving over lemons too, forgot about that!
will look up the Laurie Lee one; thanks

bluebump Fri 01-Mar-13 23:36:10

The Return by Victoria Hislop is set in Spain. I think she gets mixed reviews on here but I enjoyed it.

BikeRunSki Fri 01-Mar-13 23:34:01

Driving Over Lemons - Chris Stewart
As I Stepped Out One Midsummer Morning - Laurie Lee

Although both autobiographical rather than fiction.

pillowcase Fri 01-Mar-13 23:32:24

Just saw the Paris thread grin Could anyone give any good recommendations for novels set in Spain. Have read Shadow of the Wind, but would love to read a few more before hols in summer

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