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Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking?

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grotbagz Wed 06-Feb-13 19:23:38

Hi all,

Has anyone read this? What did you think? Did it help you or someone you know quit smoking?

Equally, if anyone's in the process of reading it let me know what you think so far! Would be nice to discuss it with others in the same boat!

I am currently on chapter 3 and not sure how I feel about it!

TheEscapeGoat Sun 24-Feb-13 19:50:48

Went on a seminar 15 years ago. Haven't smoked since. Easiest thing I've ever done, best £80 I've ever spent!

itsakindarabbit Sun 24-Feb-13 19:58:02

Smoked for 10 yrs. Read it. Not smoked for 9 years since and hand on heart never been tempted.

I can still remember smoking my final cigarette (as you are directed to by the book) and choking and spluttering and wondering wtf i was smoking this vile tasting thing and how i could have found it so appealing for so long.

Mrcrumpswife Sun 24-Feb-13 20:01:01

Keep on reading. I started using champix and reading the Allen Carr book at the same time. I had to ditch the champix because of the side effects but read the whole book and havent touched a fag in 37 days. I have smoked 20-30 a day for 27 years and tried every single nicotine replacement therapy and none have worked.

Its not been easy but i know i will never pick up a cigarette again purely because having now read the book i understand the psychology of smoking rather than having the obvious health risks thrown at me that we all know anyway. My friend read the book 20 months ago and hasnt touched a fag since so it does work. If you want support, pop over to Loops champix thread, not many of us are on champix now, its all cold turkey and miserygrin

Stick with it and goodluck.

newfashionedmum Thu 28-Feb-13 16:10:34

I smoked for about 13 years, tried giving up a couple of times and didn't manage - then read the book, and quit, never had one since, over 10 years now. Occasionally I whiff one in the summer sunshine or see someone smoking glamorously in a film and have a brief pang - for about a minute - then think of the phrase which goes something like, 'every one you have makes you want the next one more' and know that it's best to leave it. It very soon passes.

I realised it seemed like brain washing but i was choosing to be brainwashed to stop me behaving addictively IYSWIM. There's also some mild religious content and despite being a staunch atheist i just let it slide for the same reason.

I think the key is, you have to want to give up. If you really want it then I think this book will work for you. If you're not sure then have a big think about why that is - but it seems you are!

Don't expect instantly to feel healthier, I didn't and was disappointed - but DO expect to feel almost instantly free! Especially of things like - going to the cinema and wondering if you can enjoy the whole film without wishing you could have a cigarette, or coming home in the evening after a long day and then wondering if you need to go back out in the cold to the corner shop or will those 4 cigs last you the night?

WARNING - giving up smoking can seriously affect the rest of your life - I found once I had become a non-smoker, having thought I was a 'smoker', I was able to challenge loads of other preconceptions I had about myself and made some big life decisions (all positive) because of it.

Good luck, but you don't need luck - you just need to be glad about what you're doing and enjoy it!

Samu2 Fri 01-Mar-13 08:46:17

I have read it but it didn't help me quit, but and it's a big but, I was cutting down while reading it and that isn't the way you should do it. My husband loved it and he did quit for a while but he started again. He has a long history of quitting and starting again though.

I ended up using the e-cig to quit in the end but the book is a good read and very effective for most people it seems.

Can I just say that I now love being a non-smoker. I no longer feel trapped and I actually pity smokers like my husband who can't enjoy the cinema or a meal out because they are just counting down the time until they can smoke. I feel a great sense of freedom that I didn't have for years as a smoker and I do occasionally walk past someone smoking and get the odd craving I never, ever want to back to the nicotine trap and have it control me like it once did.

Samu2 Fri 01-Mar-13 08:49:13

Sorry that was meant to say and while I do occasionally walk past someone smoking and get the odd craving I never, ever want to go back to the nicotine trap.

I wish there was an edit button here grin

Whatalotofpiffle Sun 07-Apr-13 07:45:00

I stopped smoking with this 4.5 years ago. Loved it

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