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New book by Eva Rice (The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets)

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FreddoBaggyMac Wed 20-Feb-13 08:21:08

Oh Nivet, I've just finished it as well and I understand your dilemna! Isn't it just the most fabulous book? I want to head straight to London or Cornwall (preferably in the 60's!) and chat to Clover or join the Jupp family. I haven't a clue what to read next as nothing could match up to it - let me know if you find anything!

Nivet Tue 19-Feb-13 08:12:58

I finished it last night and absolutely LOVED it, a perfect "comfort" read. I'd recommend, especially if you enjoy books like I Capture The Castle.

Now, what to read next?

AmandinePoulain Mon 18-Feb-13 16:05:38

I haven't had a chance yet, dd2 woke up early from her nap sad

FreddoBaggyMac Mon 18-Feb-13 16:02:04

Hope you like it Amandine! I'm eager to know what other people think!

AmandinePoulain Sun 17-Feb-13 12:02:54

Thanks for this. I've just put it on my kindle. I loved The Lost Art so I'm looking forward to dd1 being back at school tomorrow to starting it smile

FreddoBaggyMac Sun 17-Feb-13 08:31:47

Oops I mean not HAD much time for heading smile

FreddoBaggyMac Sun 17-Feb-13 08:31:03

Anyone else started this yet? I've not head much time for reading over the past few weeks so am making much slower progress than I would like! I'm approaching the end now and still LOVE it. I thought it had a slight dip in the middle (although that may have been because I was reading in fits and starts) but overall it's at least as good as The lost art of keeping secrets. Would love to hear what other people think...

out2lunch Sat 16-Feb-13 00:52:02

I loved secrets its my all time fave book
Standing room only was awful though
I will try this new one - thanks

Gigondas Mon 04-Feb-13 06:42:23

I am so glad you said this. I loved lost art but read a review of this one which was a bit off so I was hesitant about buying it.

FreddoBaggyMac Mon 04-Feb-13 06:34:22

Yes do tell her! I haven't read any of the earlier books, only The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets. Will have to investigate them on Amazon...

ThePigOfHappiness Sun 03-Feb-13 19:10:15

Oh I'm so glad. I've loved Eva Rice since I read "Standing Room Only" as a teen. I shall be sure to tell my equally obsessed best friend too smile

FreddoBaggyMac Sun 03-Feb-13 08:31:42

The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp

I know The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets is a favourite on mumsnet (I first read it after seeing it recommended on here for those who liked I Capture the castle) and so I'm surprised to see no mention of this new one yet. I'm only 60 pages in but already in love with it!

If you liked The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets I think it's fairly safe to say you'll like this too. Penelope, Charlotte and Inigo have even made brief appearances, although it's the new main characters that have caught my interest. Eight children living in a huge Rectory in Cornwall with their widowed father... it's Daphne Du Maurier, Dodie Smith, Darling buds of May and Enid Blyton plus a thousand other books all mixed up together!

I am so glad I treat myself to the hard back and recommend you do the same if you're even contemplating it. Since starting reading I've felt like spring has arrived!

And NO I'm not the publisher or being paid to say this before anyone posts one of those comments smile Anyone else out there who has read or is reading it?

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