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Any ways to stop myself falling asleep 5 minutes after I start reading?!

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JessAst Tue 29-Jan-13 11:27:45

Yep read in a hard chair that you couldn't possibly be comfortable in. If it continues happening your body will just get used to associating books with sleep!

axure Mon 28-Jan-13 12:40:25

I like to get up before everyone else and have a reading hour with a cup of strong coffee, it's a nice way to start the day and I find it easier to concentrate. Might not be as practical if you have very young DC. Reading in bed is impossible, I'm out like a light within a minute of my head hitting the pillow.

Parisbanana Sat 26-Jan-13 17:06:48

I think I'll try the sitting up at a table thing.
Yes bed and sofa just too comfy!
My dh is like you inneedofbrandy he would just keep on reading all night.
I would love to sleep longer at night, but it isn't always feasible. I get around 8 hours most nights, and even if I wasn't feeling sleepy before as soon as I start reading I do.

InNeedOfBrandy Sat 26-Jan-13 14:08:19

I never get this, I always have wished I could read in bed to get to sleep but instead I end up staying awake all bloody night as once I start a book I have to finish it. Very annoying!

Could you try getting the book on audio and listening to it while doing stuff around the house/way to work/school runs?

DuchessofMalfi Sat 26-Jan-13 13:53:20

That's what I do if I'm reading in the evening. If I get too comfy on the sofa I start to feel drowsy.

Melpomene Sat 26-Jan-13 13:21:56

Sit at a table to read (ie in a hard upright chair)?

CoteDAzur Fri 25-Jan-13 23:01:16

Doze off, rather.

CoteDAzur Fri 25-Jan-13 23:00:34

Read better books?

Sleep for longer in the night so you don't dose off so easily in the day?

Parisbanana Fri 25-Jan-13 16:54:49

I love reading. Always have been a reader. But finding myself increasingly dopey as soon as I start reading. I understand this at night, I'm tired after a busy day.

But I find myself really yawning when I'm reading to ds (we're reading Harry Potter which I'm loving so it's not through boredom) and could easily just doze off.

Today I has 20minutes before going to get ds from school and thought ooh great I'll finish my book. I would have fallen asleep if I hadn't got up and done something else.

Any top tips? smile

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