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WoT Book 14, A Memory of Light, the final one <sob>

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WoTmania Wed 16-Jan-13 13:24:08

I've name-changed back smile I feel ridiculously emotional reading it at times - I started reading it when I was 15 (LoC was the newest out at that point) and I'm now 31 so a fair chink on my life has been spent reading, re-reading, re re reading and waiting for WoT books.
Anyone else reading it? TrillianAstra, Nooka, ShowofHands, TwoSunnyDays are a few names I remember from previous threads.
What do you think - I'm really enjoying it - I might do a reread once I've finished <geek> just so I can get the whole story in one big WHOOOSH

Trills Fri 15-Feb-13 18:29:43

Come join the spoilers thread when you're done? smile

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