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50 Book Challenge in 2013. Who's with me?

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CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Sat 05-Jan-13 16:58:16

Tidying up after Christmas it has come to my attention that I have nearly 100(!!) paperbacks in stacks down the side of my bed waiting to be read. blushblush
I am going to challenge myself to try and read at least 50 of them this year. That's nearly one a week so I am going to have to really apply myself and stop faffing around and doing other things when I could be enjoying a good book.
I wondered if anyone else would like to join me? We can post what we are reading and then post when we have finished each book and what's next.
I know I would love to hear what others are reading and enjoying (or not enjoying) so I can go out and buy more books in a few months time!
My first book of the year is President Down by Terence Strong about spies and terrorists which my dad lent me about a year ago! I'm only about 20 pages in, but so far so good.

highlandcoo Fri 11-Jan-13 23:28:08

thegreylady I am seriously impressed by the number of books you get through!

What did you think of The Chess Men? I've just read Peter May's first two - loved the first one and enjoyed the second although not quite so much. How does the third measure up?

IDontKnowWhereMyMedalsAre Sat 12-Jan-13 10:36:06

Count me in please.
So far I have read and finished Miss Perigrines peculiar children, (enjoyed it very much), The Virgin Suicides (liked that as well). Currently part way through Alex's adventures in numberland, very interesting about the history of numbers and I hate maths, also part way through The Night circus, beautiful writing and I'm about to start The Perfume Garden. As for books I too have piles and piles lurking around waiting to be read and lots on my kindle from the free or 50p offers.

twitchypalm Sat 12-Jan-13 10:59:16

Can I join please ive read 3 already this year I currently have 22 to read on the kindle. My new years resolution is I cant add anymore to my kindle wish list on amazon till i have got all the ones on there which currently stands at 99 books so hopefully i will manage 50 thsi year 47 to go.

Bluebell99 Sat 12-Jan-13 12:24:00

Hello, I'd like to join you. I usually read loads but have got out of the habit in the last month or so. Will post back later with the books I have to read on my shelf and kindle.

Dawnie29 Sat 12-Jan-13 13:39:55

I'm a big reader, and belong to a book club, and currently have a out 100 books not touched yet!! For some reason the last few months I have lost the reading bug and just about manage to read my allocated book club book! My new year resolution is to pull it back and find the bug again!! I'm currently reading
Dorian Grey which is ok, it's a book you need to concentrate on!

borisjohnsonshair Sat 12-Jan-13 13:47:31

How odd, I'd already set myself the challenge of reading a book a week! So far I've read Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, which I really quite enjoyed, although didn't expect to.

Currently reading The Fast Diet by Dr Michael Mosley (with a view to getting back on the 5:2 fast next week) and also Down Under by Bill Bryson.

Will be returning to fiction after that though smile

PotPourri Sat 12-Jan-13 13:55:54

I'm going to join you guys Need to take the time to read this thread though blush- that's my first challenge. Loads of books gathering dust should be no problem though!!

BookieMonster Sat 12-Jan-13 14:37:56

Am up for this challenge. Have read the Casual Vacancy so 49 to go.

HellonHeels Sat 12-Jan-13 16:51:48

This looks great! I'd love to join in. Not sure if I can hit 50 but I'll try. Like a lot of people on this thread I also have a stack of unread books by my bed. Some have been there for quite some time blush

I'm planning to cut down book expenditure this year by joining a library.

MrsFiddymont Sat 12-Jan-13 17:07:44

I'm in.

The criminal conversation of Mrs Norton - Diane Atkinson
Ripper Hunter -M J Trow

Limpit80 Sat 12-Jan-13 17:49:44

Id like to join please! May be a bit ambitious, as I have an 8 wk old baby, but would love to try. We had a bit of a clear out before xmas and I had to admit that I had books on my shelf I was just never going to read,so they went to charity, but that still leaves me with a whole lot of books to get through! Am going to start with Capital by John Lancaster which is n my kindle. Happy reading all!smile

terskds Sat 12-Jan-13 18:37:15

Hello I am new to this but I am so impressed reading your messages and I look forward to a lot of friends and fun. I am 77 and have been a reader for many many years, like the lady with the huge pile of books by her bed, me too, and I would read one in two or three days, the older I got the faster I would read. Last year my Grandchildren bought me an EReader, it is so much easier for me I don't have to hold a book or turn the pages,but I am now reading even faster and because I need less sleep I get through one a night. Is this good or bad for me? I don't know, but I love it and learnt so much. It is really wonderfull to know that there are so many readers out there it hasn't always been so. Good reading to you all.

DonaAna Sat 12-Jan-13 19:02:46

Late to the party but count me in!
I read a mixture of nonfiction and fiction.
Three shaky piles on my nightstand.

I've started the year with some wine books and travel writing.
Also got a couple of books on architecture for Christmas.
Typically, I have five books going on simultaneously (some of which I will never finish). Haven't finished any of the above yet...

WednesdayNext Sat 12-Jan-13 19:30:04

on ' memoirs of an imaginary friend', enjoying it but not getting through it very fast.

Would probably get through it quicker if I stopped looking at kindle book offers on amazon!!

Downloaded the 100 year old man for 20p what a bargain!!

Galaxymum Sat 12-Jan-13 21:11:10

I'm very impressed how many books you've all read so far. But it's also adding to me To Read pile! I need to hibernate and get on with my reading. Had a manic start to New Year and still only finished one book! I reread Call The Midwife and am at 64% (on my kindle) of Pride and Prejudice. I haven't read it since I was a teen and I'm really enjoying it. But it's taking a while! I plan to catch up with some easy reading quick reads after!

busymummy3 Sat 12-Jan-13 22:01:38

I do not know what it is but I cannot seem to get into a book even on holiday I could not be bothered to read which is so unlike me.
Interestingly I have read less since I got a Kindle and am seriously thinking of going back to books either by purchasing from Waterstones or any other book retailer or by going to the library - actually I quite miss my weekly visits {to the library sad

Angelico Sat 12-Jan-13 22:03:07

I'm in. More later. Baby crying... again!

WednesdayNext Sat 12-Jan-13 22:17:00

busymummy I have a kindle but still buy books and borrow from library. I find if I only have access to kindle books I get a bit bored with them. That and I currently have to share with my dh who is the world's slowest reader!

MegBusset Sat 12-Jan-13 22:23:48

Finished book 1 (Edge Of The Orison by Iain Sinclair)
Picked the shortest book on my to-read shelf (The Year 1000 by Robert Lacey & Danny Danziger) to make up a few days!

travispickles Sat 12-Jan-13 22:26:31

I have so far read all three of the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. Nothing like my usual stuff but utterly BRILLIANT. So if you are looking for something different but that will leave you feeling depressed when finished, I recommend.

TheLoneRanger Sat 12-Jan-13 22:41:04

I'd like to join, please - I absolutely loved The Blackhouse by Peter May, and enjoyed The Lewis Man. Some other favourites mentioned on this thread, too.

TheLoneRanger Sat 12-Jan-13 22:41:34

We should get Peter May to do a webchat...

howdoo Sat 12-Jan-13 23:03:06

Terskds, a book a day sounds wonderful! I am now getting into A Misremembered Man, which is good so far. Have also downloaded Mortality by Christopher Hitchens which I think is going to be v interesting.

pookey Sat 12-Jan-13 23:39:04

Can I join too please! Currently reading Wolf Hall. I read it obssesively at first, and loved it, but feel its a bit too slow now I am getting to the last 100 pages. Possibly I prefered the fiction to the history...

I dont have many books on my shelves so will be fun to look for reccomendations here to borrow or buy from the charity shop.

hoppityhoppity Sun 13-Jan-13 02:08:17

I'd love to join you, I used to read a lot but have been v poor of late (managing v little over book group once a month). I have a huge stack to read (great, cheap, second hand book rack at our library which is v hard to pass without a purchase). I have just started my first book of the year - The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway - am 2 chapters in and really enjoying it. I have a lot of non-fiction I want to read too, but even though I want to have the knowledge I do find them much more work, so am thinking of reading in a 2 fiction, one non-fiction ratio.
Glad to hear Silver Linings Playbook is good as that is our book group book for March so is on my list.

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