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Princess books for 3/4 year olds - NOT disney, NOT babette cole

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Enid Mon 17-Apr-06 14:16:48

dd2 loves princesses (yawn) and we would love to find some picture books that are not disney OR babette cole (that post-feminist schtick doesn't wash with dd2 ). Any recommendations?

foxinsocks Mon 17-Apr-06 14:34:39

how old?

have you done the Tony Ross princess series (not sure this is what you had in mind)...the I want my potty, I want my dinner, I want to be...

there's also an usborne book of princess tales

Littlefish Mon 17-Apr-06 14:37:20

The Tough Princess
The Paper bag princess

Not sure who wrote either of them, but they are great books - the tough pincess refuses to get married!

Littlefish Mon 17-Apr-06 14:41:18

They might be too old for your dd, but bear them in mind for the future.

The Tough Princess
The Paper Bag Princess

George and the Dragon - good for 4 year olds

Enid Mon 17-Apr-06 16:47:35

oh thank you

sorry she is 3.5

unfortunately she definitely prefers the more, erm, 'trad' princess tale and her highest ambition atm is to get married to a prince. We have done the trad fairy tales to death but she can't really countenance a princess in jeans on a motorbike...

I am hoping the feminist/anti-royalist gene will kick in at a later date...

Enid Tue 18-Apr-06 12:39:43


hermykne Tue 18-Apr-06 12:43:05

lauren childs the princess and the pea is a beatufil book - the drawings and colours.
dd has it shes 3 1/2, the stroy is quite detailed however i abbreviate it, great for big descriptive words.

cupcakes Tue 18-Apr-06 13:00:56

My dd loves the Usborne fairy tales compilation - we have Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella over and over again.

Frenchgirl Tue 18-Apr-06 13:02:09

The Glass Heart is a great book: princesses, and set in Venice, what more could you want?

littlerach Tue 18-Apr-06 13:03:55

Agree with the Usborne ones, they are great.

bundle Tue 18-Apr-06 13:07:52

we like the king of capri which has a sort of princess in it

Frenchgirl Tue 18-Apr-06 13:09:04

oh yes, the King of Capri is a gorgeous book

Gillian76 Tue 18-Apr-06 13:24:19

My DDs love The Glass Heart . It is long though!

Gillian76 Tue 18-Apr-06 13:24:31

They are 6 and 4

janeite Wed 19-Apr-06 10:29:40

This is nice - lovely pictures:

Clayhead Wed 19-Apr-06 10:34:14

Nick Sharratt, Cinderella and other stories

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Wed 19-Apr-06 10:43:08

the perfect antidote to fairy tales - one of my favourite books

Africalass Thu 18-May-06 16:36:13

Hi Enid

My name is Hannah and I am an Usborne organiser. We have simply loads of Usborne books on princesses - I think it is one of their more popular themes. If you wish to check them out, visit and browse through the various titles. If you put it the keyword section "princess" this will speed the process up. If you wish to order some, contact me at and I will order them for you with a 10% discount off catalogue price. Hope this helps.

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