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ANyone interested in ST. Kilda or abandoned remote islands?

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cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:40:46

Message withdrawn

dinosaure Thu 13-Apr-06 17:41:17

My bil was stationed there for a while when he was a squaddie.

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:42:22

Message withdrawn

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:42:40

Have read it.
Want to go there.

My mate who is a journalist on the Telegraph was on Pitcairn last year for weeks,covering the rape trials of all those blokes.
Boy,did he have some bonkers stories!

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:43:04

Message withdrawn

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:43:35

Message withdrawn

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:43:35

I liked descriptions of socks made out of cormorant skins and how filthy everything was (eg wiping utensils on clothes when they finished eating.)

dinosaure Thu 13-Apr-06 17:43:40

I've never asked him that, cod. He has ingested a lot of curious substances in his time, that's a fact .

Not that my sister knows that... .

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:44:04

Message withdrawn

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:45:37

Ooh that looks good.
My mate said they all speak bizarre 'Ay ay me hearties' English.
I'm into Shackleton too in a big way.

My dad once got a job on St Helena.Turned it down though and went to Saudi.
We had lived on a remote Pacific island for years by then,so think he needed a change and some bright lights.

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:46:27

Ah yes.
The midwife had it sussed didn't she re tetanus or something??
Memory still sadly postnatal.

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:47:41

Message withdrawn

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:49:30

Described the blokes as 'nothings' who weres 'somethings' because of the size of community.

Also said they were v hypocritical. Pretended not to drink when they were invited aboard passing cruise liners yet in reality were real goers.

cod Thu 13-Apr-06 17:49:32

Message withdrawn

dinosaure Thu 13-Apr-06 17:51:01

Lovely. Love the wave noises, although it has made me want to leave my desk and go for a wee.

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:52:24


dinosaure Thu 13-Apr-06 17:53:14

Pitcairn not near Kilda, though, I think?

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:53:58

But still very strange little place in the middle of nowhere.

tamum Thu 13-Apr-06 17:54:27

Slightly off-topic, but when we were in Mull last week they said that the population of the island was 30,000 earlier in the last century but it's only 3000 since the clearances

Moondog Thu 13-Apr-06 17:54:34

What did he say about time there dinosaure??

dinosaure Thu 13-Apr-06 17:56:36

Cold. Beautiful. And regulation-lite, by the standards of the British Army.

cod Fri 14-Apr-06 11:41:25

Message withdrawn

Somanykiddies Fri 12-May-06 16:13:17

Cod, what was the book about the Bounty called, would be interested in reading it.

cod Fri 12-May-06 22:42:02

Message withdrawn

arfy Fri 12-May-06 22:44:17

yes yes I've heard of this and was thinking about getting it
now i've seen this I will

played an orchestral piece a few years back some bloke had written about leaving St Kilda, we had a copy of the commentary of what he was depicting in the music and it made the hairs on the back of your neck stand was fascinating.

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