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New Blackadder book

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MeanAndMeaslyMiddleAges Thu 22-Nov-12 21:16:49

Just wondering if anyone else has read it or is reading it. I downloaded it to my kindle and am 1/4 of the way through.

I am a massive lifelong Blackadder fan and was really excited to hear about the book. I also read a lot of non fiction so am used to that style.

I found the first section really disappointing. The background to the cast and producers - how they got into the industry, met etc. personally I felt the stories were just not interesting. I guess that was my main gripe. No extraordinary tales at all. Just potted biographies and this section could have been a whole lot shorter and achieve the same required background info. The author also hero-worships them to an embarrassing degree, going overboard with praise to the extent that it was like a kid at school hoping if he praises the cool kids enough he'll be allowed to join their gang. I felt he was also trying too hard to be Blackadderesque in his language, and failing.

However, once you get the first section out of the way and get to the behind the scenes analysis of the series it becomes much more interesting and I'm now really enjoying it. I think you do need to read the first section because they do keep referring back so you'd be lost if you'd skipped it, but would definitely recommend perseverance if you find it a struggle.

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