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Bristol Book Club

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xkcdfangirl Sun 11-Nov-12 08:55:27

This is the new home of this thread which has now died as none of the active particpants want to operate behind the new local barrier.

For any newbies - we are meeting usually on the last monday of each month (plus or minus a week depending on other things going on). The dates of our next 2 meetings were fixed last time we met but I am not 100% sure of them, hopefully one of the others will be along in a moment to confirm them. Venues are variable and we take it in turns whether they are north or south of the river so everyone has occasions when the meeting is nearer to them.

We are deciding the books 2 months in advance to give ourselves plenty of time to find a copy and read it. We decide which book to schedule by concensus at the end of each meeting - anyone can suggest one.

Our next meeting will be at the end of November and we are reading "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K Dick

The next meeting (which will be in mid January) will be looking at "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman.

TheRealXkcdfangirl Thu 20-Jun-13 07:54:16

No it wasn't me. I think it might have been Lamaz, or perhaps QueenOf?

I'm excited by how many new people have said they will join us for Monday's meeting - I count FreckledLeopard, slightlysoupstained, mutley1 and Orangesarenottheonlyfruit - is that everyone or have I missed one? - it will be excellent to meet you all.

See you Monday then.

QueenofWhatever Thu 20-Jun-13 18:59:17

I'm not taking the rap for TKAMB either! It might be that I said I read and enjoyed Lord of the Flies with my other book group, and from there we got into a discussion about classics.

The Jessie Lamb sounds like a good book club book. I've also read more good stuff about The Rosie Project, so quite fancy that.

See you all Monday.

exexpat Sat 22-Jun-13 21:23:45

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser - I wonder whose idea it was. Maybe someone at the next table...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday. I've just sent out some PMs to people who haven't been on here for a while, so I hope we get a good turn-out.

Lamazeroo Mon 24-Jun-13 19:04:02

Oh dear, I feel my plans to be there tonight may be scuppered by a pair of molars sad
I have a very clingy, upset little boy who is suffering terribly and won't let me out of the room. If (ha ha ha) he goes to bed any time soon I'll try to sneak out, but please take this as a probable apology for tonight's meeting.
Looking forward to hearing of next choice. My only request is that it would be great if whatever we choose next is available on Kindle. I'm just not getting any time to read, but I spend plenty of time awake in the small hours hunched over my iphone. If I could download a book onto the Kindle app I have a half decent chance of actually making it past the first chapter for once.
Have fun tonight.

mutley1 Tue 25-Jun-13 11:34:19

Hello to everyone that I met last night at the Hope&Anchor. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. It was great to have a chat about TKAMB how I had missed having lots of different opinions bandied about. Wont be with you in July but will start on The Testament of Jessie Lamb and see you all in Sept

exexpat Tue 25-Jun-13 13:14:24

Good to meet you too, mutley1, and freckledleopard. Hope we didn't scare you off... It's a shame the amazing non-sleeping toddler kept you away again, Lamazeroo - do you think he might have got all his teeth through by July?

So, just for those who weren't there, or who had to leave early: we agreed on the Tobacco Factory for the next session, on July 22nd (Alison Moore - The Lighthouse), and everyone seemed to like the idea of The Testament of Jessie Lamb (which is £2 on kindle at the moment - get in quick if you have an e-reader) so we'll do that one for September 2nd.

We do seem to have a problem with people losing track of this thread because it falls off their 'threads I'm on/threads I'm watching' in the gap between get-togethers. I don't mind sending out reminders, but it doesn't seem possible to send DMs to multiple recipients, which makes it a bit fiddly. I was wondering how everyone would feel about setting up an email mailing list so we can easily send one message to everyone in the group? Maybe we could talk about it next time.

FreckledLeopard Tue 25-Jun-13 17:09:30

Hello - had great time last night. I'm adding this to 'Threads I'm Watching' but agree that an email list would be good too!

MrsWembley Sat 06-Jul-13 17:03:27

In the spirit of keeping this thread active, a question - is anybody else finding the characters quite unsympathetic?

maindoors Thu 11-Jul-13 19:29:14

Hello - So sorry didn't make it and TKAMB suggestion was moi! And I STILL haven't read it. Not sure that I will be able to make July but hope to join in the fun again in September. Hope all are enjoying this fab weather...Oh and yes to email list as I don't often make it on to MN...

Spero Fri 12-Jul-13 17:49:33

Hah! One in the eye for you swotty types who actually read the book before the meeting, I have just availed myself of Julys title and fully intend to read at least part of it before next we meet.

Happy to be on email list.

slightlysoupstained Thu 18-Jul-13 23:09:25

I've yet to make it to any meetups & next Monday isn't looking promising (DS currently only settling for me, & doing so pretty late with all the heat.)

Would like to be on mailing list just on off-chance it's all miraculously changed by Sept!

exexpat Fri 19-Jul-13 12:41:10

Just checking the thread again... We'd be pleased to see you if you can make it, slightlysoupstained, but otherwise maybe you could DM me your email address so we can add you to the list?

And I suppose it is time for me to send out a few reminder DMs for Monday, just in case. Sounds like Mutley can't make it, how about everyone else? Here's hoping Lamazeroo's DS feels sleepy in the heat...

Lamazeroo Fri 19-Jul-13 16:38:38

Do you know, exexpat, he actually IS sleeping quite well?!? Last night I got a chunk of four hours sleep, which was blissful (let's just overlook the fact that it was the first time in two bloody years). However, sadly I won't make it on Monday night, as a very good friend of mine is coming to stay for one night only. I do feel like I've been a woeful bookclub member this year, BUT have managed to read The Testament of Jessie Lamb ready for September. Why oh why did I not discover the iphone Kindle app until now? Amazing how much reading I can do while breastfeeding all night (and all day). So, if non-sleeping toddler keeps up his new sleeping habit, and if future books are available on Kindle, I have half a chance of actually attending and contributing from now on smile

exexpat Fri 19-Jul-13 17:12:14

Must be his Aussie genes that mean he is OK in the heat... Sorry you can't make it on Monday, but good work on the Jessie Lamb. Hope you still remember it all in September!

MrsWembley Fri 19-Jul-13 19:28:33

I'm ok for Monday! Woo hoo!grin

I've even read all the book and have started on Jessie Lamb!shock

Lamazeroo Fri 19-Jul-13 20:33:29

Go you MrsWembley! Incidentally: sorry we haven't managed to meet up with our boys yet. Let me know if you fancy St Andrews park or similar in the coming couple of weeks.

exexpat I agree that it's the Aussie blood coming to the fore. Must be like coconut butter - liquifies and starts flowing at 26C! He is just loving the hot weather, wants to be naked and in some form of water all the time. We've been giving the fountains in central Bristol a good work out. If anyone spies a huge, shrieking, naked, happy toddler diving like a seal into the water then demanding to be breastfed - that's us!

QueenofWhatever Sun 21-Jul-13 12:09:57

I'm hoping to come tomorrow, DD permitting. I haven't actually read this book, as I just couldn't get excited about it; a middle-aged man spending a week walking along the Rhine contemplating the failure of his parents' and his own marriage(s?) <heartsink>.

I have bought Jesse James though, and am all set to read it on holiday whilst on the sunny Costa Brave next month.

But I'll come along for a bit if I can, as I'm keen to check that Spero is staying in Bristol and to get an update on freckledleopard's Internet dating.

Lamazeroo Mon 22-Jul-13 09:00:50

Bummed I won't be there. One thing I was pondering: what do you think about a Facebook group as a way to stay in touch? Could be useful to post links to books, reviews etc. See what you lot think tonight.

Spero Mon 22-Jul-13 12:50:28

Sorry I have developed gum infection over weekend, just been to emergency dentist and he is sending me to dentl hospital at 2pm for x ray.
Given that I can't open my mouth much I would have to contribute through the medium of mime which could get tiring for us all, and am in foul mood due to no eating and no sleep.
So unless antibiotics work miracles in next few hours it is probably a no show from me.

But interested in Facebook group, if you will still let me join after I move to Bradford on Avon on weds. Which should be fun on no sleep and diet of purée...

exexpat Mon 22-Jul-13 13:08:25

Oh no, Spero sad Hope the antibiotics work fast, but by this evening might be a bit optimistic... Also sad to hear we didn't manage to persuade you to stay in Bristol. But you are still going to make it in once a month for book group, aren't you?

QueenofWhatever Mon 22-Jul-13 19:48:56

Really sorry for the last minute cancellation, but won't be able to come now because of DD. Hope you all have fun and see you next month - when I will have read the book!

exexpat Mon 22-Jul-13 22:54:43

Sorry you couldn't make it, QueenofWhatever - no childcare?

It was a select group of four of us this evening. No one was a huge fan of the book (to put it mildly) (sorry, my suggestion - but blame the Booker committee) so we moved swiftly on...

I think we agreed that the book after next, ie for October, would be Full Dark House - recommended on another MN thread, apparently. Looks like a lighter read after two Booker shortlisted ones, anyway.

Everyone there this evening thought that a facebook group could be a sensible way to keep things going more easily - is everyone else a) on facebook? and b) happy with that? It would be a private group.

I am happy to set the group up, but just had a go at doing it, and in order to set it up, I have to have people to invite to join it, which I can't do as none of you are FB friends of mine at the moment. So, if you are happy to be added, please could you DM me your facebook ID or email address or whatever would help me find you on there.

TheRealXkcdfangirl Mon 22-Jul-13 22:55:51

So sorry to hear about the various offspring and infections that kept several people away this time - wishing everyone better fortune in September! (and hope you had a great evening with your friend Lamaz) The four of us who made it spent all of 10 minutes being disparaging about the book (with a little defence here and there) and spent the rest of time in our usual nattering...

As mentioned above, our next meeting is on 2nd September to discuss The Testament of Jesse Lamb at the Clifton Wine Bar.

The subsequent meeting will be 7th October discussing Full Dark House at Cafe Grounded Bedminster Parade

exexpat has agreed to organise an off-mumsnet method for us to send reminders around given that this thread keeps falling off watchlists and I'm-On lists - and will DM each person who has been active on this list with details - but I hope we'll keep posting news on this thread too so that it stays live and keeps attracting occassional new members, so if you haven't had a DM and want to join in the fun just let one of us know.

TheRealXkcdfangirl Mon 22-Jul-13 22:56:31

blush oops at the x-post

exexpat Mon 22-Jul-13 22:58:10

No, the x-post is a good thing, as you remembered to put in the dates/places, which I forgot.

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