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OMG, John O'Farrell must read MN

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Blandmum Sat 01-Apr-06 14:01:40

His new book, 'May contain nuts' is very funny.

And it is all there, private vs state, 11 plus axiety, road safety, 4x4s, food worries.

He must be reading us!

MrsSpoon Wed 05-Apr-06 16:55:59

LOL, had similar thoughts whilst reading this!

Blandmum Wed 05-Apr-06 16:57:49

thought it was a bit daftin places, the mother was such a wet and a weed i wanted t slap her

But an amusing read

MrsSpoon Wed 05-Apr-06 17:01:10

Couldn't help myself wanting the mother to get away with it, it made me LOL, just what was needed after one too many serious books lately.

wwwnotreallyhere Wed 05-Apr-06 17:23:17

Did you like it MB? I've given up on it about a third of the way in, it just didn't grab me. Which is a shame because The best a man can get made me laugh a lot.

Blandmum Wed 05-Apr-06 17:25:55

I found it did dip off 3/4 of the way through, but there were still enough one liners to keep me reading until the end.

Loved tThings can only get better, which I think is his best book by far

RTKangaMummy Wed 05-Apr-06 17:38:02

I know he has a son who goes to the local academy comprehensive school, he resisted the tutor line to get into grammar schools and so went for local comp.

potatolegs Wed 05-Apr-06 17:38:07


Blandmum Wed 05-Apr-06 17:46:02

His local acadamy comp is sponsored by the Private company that runs my kids private school

LOL, so I'm sponsoring his kids education and he earns a shed load more than a mere science teacher

But as he has amused me, I forgive him LOL

RTKangaMummy Wed 05-Apr-06 17:47:17

RTKangaMummy Wed 05-Apr-06 17:47:53

Perhaps he should send you signed copies of his books for free

Blandmum Wed 05-Apr-06 17:50:18

Fair play to the guy, there wasn't a decent local state school so he helped to run the campaign to get one, not just for his kids, but for other people. So the guy did back up his political convictions, you can't fault him on that

AntEater Sun 25-Feb-07 12:42:21

My holiday book, excellent fun, a bit shivery tho'..

nikkie Sun 25-Feb-07 18:45:32

I like John o'Farrells books, it was him who wrote 'things can only get better' wasn't it?

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