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'Books To Die For' - over here crime fans!!

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freelancescientist Sat 20-Oct-12 09:29:49

Just a quick recommendation for 'Books To Die For' edited by the fantastic John Connolly and Declan Burke.
The editors asked the great and good of contemporary crime fiction to champion their favourite crime and mystery novels and writers. What resulted is a real treasure trove of classic and more recent crime fiction - and loads of new and rediscovered writers to try which can only be good.
It is a bit of a weighty tome so maybe one to ask Santa for!

TheLightPassenger Sat 20-Oct-12 10:33:16

Yes I am tempted but think I will wait for the paperback version! kindle version is significantly cheaper, at £8.49 currently, but I think I will want to dip in and out of it.

PervyMuskrat Sat 20-Oct-12 23:23:45

Ooh, thanks. Will add to the list!

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