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Help Remus find more books please

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 18-Oct-12 19:53:56

HOW can I have nothing to read again (and no, Cote, I still haven't read Cloud Atlas!).

I fancy a big fat, rip roaring read akin to The Woman In White OR some crazy post-apocalyptic but really well written stuff OR something sparse and modern and a bit 'out there' like a modern Clockwork Orange maybe. Or something like 'Touching The Void' perhaps.

Please help!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 18-Oct-12 21:50:52

Nobody? sad

TheLightPassenger Thu 18-Oct-12 21:56:46

if you haven't already read, for big fat riproaring, how about the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

TheLightPassenger Thu 18-Oct-12 21:58:01

of for kind of mid-apocalyptic/dystopia, Delirium by Lauren Oliver (bit of a YA book, mind) The Uninvited by Liz Jensen, or The Testament of Jessie Lamb by Jane Rogers.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 18-Oct-12 21:58:13

Thank you - read it; didn't like it much though.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 18-Oct-12 21:59:41

Is The Uninvited a new Liz Jensen? Thought I'd read all of hers but haven't heard of that, so will deffo track it down. Don't mind YA if decently written. Will look up Delirium and Jessie Lamb, thanks.

TheLightPassenger Thu 18-Oct-12 22:04:07

yy it's her most recent one.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 18-Oct-12 22:05:52


Is it better than 'Rapture', which I thought had some promise but got pretty ridiculous pretty quickly? I really liked, 'The Ninth Life'... though.

dinkystinky Fri 19-Oct-12 12:05:40

Jasper Fforde - Shades of Grey?

I rather enjoyed Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus which was wonderful magic realism. Have you read Strange & Norrell - also a good read (and big)

kikidee Fri 19-Oct-12 15:29:39

Have you read Gillespie and I? Big and a good story too.

OneHolyCow Fri 19-Oct-12 16:16:49

How about Cormac McCarthy? Well written stuff and will need some teeth getting into it. Sparse! Doesn't do semicolons! wink

Don DeLillo does big stuff too, read White Noise which I thought was pretty good.

Not being Cote must however say that Cloud Atlas is Fab..
And I really liked Canada by Richard Ford.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:26:19

Thank you. Not fond of Jasper F, sorry. I persevered with a few of the Thursday Next ones but found Shades Of Grey unreadable.Have read 'No Country For Old Men' - is that Cormac M? I really disliked it (found the premise pretty ridiculous and the writing styover-simplistic) but dp loves it. Not read the others - tried and failed with Jonathon Strange - but will look them up now, thanks.

Have just read and quite enjoyed 'Star Of The Sea' if that's any use.

CoteDAzur Fri 19-Oct-12 16:32:24

Is it that time again? grin

CoteDAzur Fri 19-Oct-12 16:37:30

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is excellent and I say this as someone who has never been tempted by magic books, never even read a page of Harry Potter.

It pains me, Remus, to see you post thread after thread asking for a good post-apocalyptic or dystopian book while you refuse to read Cloud Atlas, which is a both and a great book that almost won the Booker smile

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:46:23

It's ALWAYS that time, Cote.
I just can't, can't get on with Cloud Atlas. That reminds me - I bought the other one, is it Black Swan Lake? It keeps leering at me from the shelf and I just can't bring myself around to starting it.

Will try Strange & N again maybe - but I thought it was horribly over-written and it got very wearing very quickly.

Have just re-read King's The Long Walk for the first time in about 20 odd years - wow.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:49:44

Oh and 'Wolf Hall' WON the Booker - but it doesn't mean it was good! smile

CoteDAzur Fri 19-Oct-12 16:50:40

Have you tried reading ONLY the dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories in Cloud Atlas?

CoteDAzur Fri 19-Oct-12 16:52:05

How many times have you seen a dystopian/post-apocalyptic book even considered for the Booker prize? That was my point. smile

VivaLeBeaver Fri 19-Oct-12 16:55:58

I enjoyed this here

VerySmallSqueak Fri 19-Oct-12 16:57:51

Joe Simpson also wrote 'The Beckoning Silence'.'Storms of Silence' and 'Dark Shadows Falling'.I have read them all along with 'Touching the Void' and enjoyed all of them.
Also 'The Flame of Adventure' by Simon Yates, 'The Death Zone' by Matt Dickinson,'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakauer,'Fragile Edge' by Maria Coffey and 'Where the Mountain casts its shadow' by Maria Coffey.
I have read and enjoyed them all,though 'Touching the Void' is the masterpiece.

VerySmallSqueak Fri 19-Oct-12 17:02:21

I have just started trying to read Mira Grants 3rd book 'Blackout' (follows on from 'Feed' and 'Deadline').Where I have found the first two an interesting take on zombiefiction,I really haven't been able to get into the third.
There's been quite a lot of threads with plenty of zombiefiction on though - I just mention Mira Grants latest as its reasonably new....

VerySmallSqueak Fri 19-Oct-12 17:06:06

I have recently read James Wesley Rawles 'Patriots: A novel of survival in the coming collapse'.
I enjoyed it a funny sort of way although its very all-American-male-God-fearing-prepper.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 19-Oct-12 17:18:35

Have read and quite enjoyed the first two Myra Grant's - shoddy writing but pretty good fun! Didn't realise the third was out, so will deffo read that. Some of the others look worth a shot too.

Viva - your link compares it to The Hunger Games. Is it better than that, as I thought The Hunger Games began with a bang and promise but ended not with a whimper but with me rolling around the floor groaning at how stupid it got! Oh and what did you think of the one we both read recently which I won't mention by name in case we shouldn't have read it?!

TheLightPassenger Fri 19-Oct-12 17:19:39

The Uninvited is v much like the Rapture tbh. You might like the Night Circus as mentioned previously on this thread but I have a feeling you might find it a little stylised/twee.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 19-Oct-12 17:20:48

I thought it was better than the Hungar Games.

I did really, really like the one we shouldn't mention. But didn't love it as much as the first one. Just a bt confused in places. I think I should have read the first one again to remind me of stuff before reading the 2nd.

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