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Desperately seeking a title

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GranToAirMissiles Fri 12-Oct-12 00:20:46

Does anyone recognise this short story by Guy de Maupassant, and if so can they give me the title, please? A couple, only acquainted, go for a carriage drive. They get lost or somehow delayed and have to stay overnight at an inn (sleeping separately). When they return, everyone is so scandalised (nineteenth century France) they they are obliged to marry, apparently reluctantly on both their parts. But, as soon as they are legitimately alone they fall passionately in love.

flubba Fri 12-Oct-12 13:24:51

I've racked my brain but don't recall having read that one, but did come across this website that has a number of his titles and then the stories. I've briefly looked through all the obvious possibilities; That Costly Ride; The Inn; After; Indescretion; Lasting Love; The Pig of a Morin; The Test; A Stroll; Two Friends, The Trip of Le Horla and The Love of Long Ago. It doesn't appear to be any of those but there are plenty of others which look like they could lead to that story.

Sorry not to be more helpful.

GranToAirMissiles Sat 13-Oct-12 01:27:11

Thankyou so much for looking. The 'My Wife' story has a similar theme of forced marriage that turns out well, but the details are quite different from the one I remember. I actually saw it on tv, but maybe it was a very free adaptation of the original story.

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