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What is everyone reading just now?

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MrsSpoon Thu 23-Mar-06 21:22:00

I am almost finished 26a by Diana Evans and finding it so-so, don't know if I just don't have the concentration for it at the moment as parts of it seem excellent and other parts don't seem to even register with me. It could be me rather than the book though.

Just being nosey and looking for future recommendations or titles to avoid.

compo Thu 23-Mar-06 21:23:06

Polly Williams - The rise and fall of the yummy mummy - it's very funny

DumbledoresGirl Thu 23-Mar-06 21:26:44

Alice in Exile by Paul Piers Read. It is OK but not grabbed me yet and I am about a third of the way through.

Actually, by that reckoning, it isn't really OK at all.

MrsSpoon Thu 23-Mar-06 21:26:50

Oh I've seen that. Glad to hear it is good, wonder if that is what I need something funny.

DumbledoresGirl Thu 23-Mar-06 21:27:37

That should be Piers Paul Read, sorry.

lucy5 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:30:34

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

I've only read a few pages but looks good so far.

QE2 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:31:00

Just finished "the shock of your life". Can't remember who it's by but it's a warning to non-christians about not living for Jesus and then finding it's too late once you get to heaven to be judged by Him. Have found that I am doomed to rot in hell though, it would seem.

Also trying to get into Gerald's Game by Stephen King but tbh I;m finding that abit tedious. Shame really as I usually love SK.

alliebaba Thu 23-Mar-06 21:32:02

just finished tess gerittsen 'vanish'loved it

lucy5 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:32:09

QE2 geralds game is the only stephen King book so far that I havent finished.

hoxtonchick Thu 23-Mar-06 21:32:51

feed my dear dogs by emma richler. good, but require concentration.

MrsSpoon Thu 23-Mar-06 21:34:06

LOL QE2, just looked at that book on Amazon, what inspired you to read it?

QE2 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:35:25

lucy5 - did you find it hard going, as in boring? I usually read SK books at every spare moment of the day as they usually grip me from th start and keep me hooked til the very last page. Gerald's Game - well I couldn't be bothered if it went back to the library next week unfinished.

QE2 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:36:05

lol MrsSpoon - I can't imagine!

lucy5 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:36:49

Yes completely boring. i too normally read Sk in a day or too, squeezing him in where I can. I didnt care about the characters at all.

MrsSpoon Thu 23-Mar-06 21:37:55

LOL QE2, I was just being nosey.

Like the look of Feed my Dogs.

Milliways Thu 23-Mar-06 21:39:24

Playing the Moldovans at Tennis - Tony Hawks - very funny

Also - Alex Ryder!!! (DS insisted & they are not bad!)

cod Thu 23-Mar-06 21:39:51

Message withdrawn

cod Thu 23-Mar-06 21:40:43

Message withdrawn

QE2 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:46:40

I've got a couple of Dean Koontz to read too so think I'll start on one of those tonight. Can't remember for the life of me what they are called though.

If anyone can point me in the direction of some good horror/thriller fiction I'd be grateful.......

expatinscotland Thu 23-Mar-06 21:47:23

I'm rereading the Harry Potter series - runs and ducks.

lucy5 Thu 23-Mar-06 21:47:54

Horrorwise I read stephen King , Dean Koontz and James Herbert.

Miaou Thu 23-Mar-06 21:47:56

The Virgin and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier, as recommended to me by mumsnet and very good it is too

Miaou Thu 23-Mar-06 21:50:20

QE2 I read Velocity recently and thought it was very good (not my usual sort of read, nicked it off dh )

saadia Thu 23-Mar-06 21:51:46

Paula by Isabel Allende, it's depressing and fascinating, written while her daughter (Paula) was in a coma.

dyzzidi Thu 23-Mar-06 21:51:58

body double by Tess Gerritson it seems good so far!

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