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Do you prefer shopping for new books or second hand books?

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BananaBubbles Wed 19-Sep-12 21:40:16

I'm just curious to know which people prefer?

Personally I love both,but I do have a soft spot for second hand books.I can find some rare gems when looking for second hand books,and I love the element of surprise.
I also love that you can often find second hand books for sale in the most unexpected of places.

CandiceMariePratt Thu 20-Sep-12 00:29:10

You can't beat the smell of a new book

elkiedee Thu 20-Sep-12 02:37:53

I love shopping in charity and secondhand shops, though I'm picky about condition unless something's really hard to find. I enjoy the surprise. Some secondhand bookshops actually do sell quite a lot of new books - review copies and suchlike. I do like new shops but a lot of the old independent shops with different stock are gone now, and I find Waterstones a bit predictable.

DuchessofMalfi Thu 20-Sep-12 07:59:04

I love the smell of a new book too smile I do buy quite a lot of books in charity shops but only if they look in good condition.

notcitrus Thu 20-Sep-12 08:01:33

The only bookshop in my town is a BHF one and it is lovely. Currently have too many books to read but generally buy mostly from charity shops, though browsing the whole of Waterstones in Piccadilly or an indie bookshop is great.

If MrNC frets he doesn't know what to get me for a present I tell him to go to a second hand bookshop, and get some fantastic books with loads of colour plates I'd never buy myself.

PestoSandalissimos Thu 20-Sep-12 08:02:13

I like all book shopping


peanutMD Thu 20-Sep-12 08:04:28

I like new books, I like second hand books BUT I bloody love searching the library for ages for books I wouldn't necessarily buy grin

PestoSandalissimos Thu 20-Sep-12 08:07:22

Oooh I do that too Peanut.

Our library is only open 3 days a week though, so it always seems a bit more of a treat to go there and find something interesting smile

NicknameTaken Thu 20-Sep-12 10:51:48

Agree - library is best of all, as you can take a chance on something you wouldn't otherwise go for.

I love a second-hand bargain, but <whisper it> occasionally second-hand bookshops can be a bit depressing. Especially charity shops where they are not interested in the books, and have the spines exposed to direct sunlight so they're all faded. I sometimes look at the long rows of spines of unloved books and feel melancholy at the wastefulness of human endeavour.

[Overthinks question wildly, reduces self to sobs].

I usually only buy new books if I have a book token, but I do like a mosey around Waterstones etc, seeing what is out.

Ragwort Thu 20-Sep-12 10:55:15

I love new books and browsing in book shops but I would rarely buy a new book as I am mean when you can order anything from the library or pick up books in charity shops. I never re-read books so there is the problem of storage as well if you have spent a decent amount of money on a book.

Best of all is to order a brand new book from the library and be the first reader grin.

WowOoo Thu 20-Sep-12 10:56:19

I browse in bookshops and review sections of papers then order them at the library.

A new book is a treat for me. I love getting book tokens.

Charity shops sometimes have good stuff. Often tons of books that I have already read.
I use Green Metropolis for books i want to buy, some are new. They usually cost £3.75, so cheaper than brand new.

VeritableSmorgasbord Thu 20-Sep-12 10:56:41

New. Charity shops tend to have the same books over and over again (Kate Mosse...looking right atcha) often pristine. Anything you see more than three times is likely to be there because it's basically shite. The time spent looking for gems isn't really worth it. And charity shops now charge quite a bit more than they used to.
I like independent bookshops, always something inspiring in their choices, and less of the obvious ones on the tables.

WowOoo Thu 20-Sep-12 10:58:00

Me too Ragwort!
I think they are sick of the sight of me when I turn up with my lists. smile

FruitSaladIsNotPudding Thu 20-Sep-12 11:00:25

Second hand. Mainly because I can afford to buy loads.

Also, you get a random mix of things in a second hand shop, so you sometimes end up buying something you would never have thought of looking for in a new book shop.

BonnieBumble Thu 20-Sep-12 11:01:24

I prefer shopping for new books but feel a little ashamed of that. Also don't really like library books although I spent a lot of time choosing library books when I was a child.

My favourite Saturdays are spent in book shops with coffee shops attached.

snigger Thu 20-Sep-12 11:04:29

I love both, but second-hand books have that element of the unknown and unexpected - not driven by sales or head-office, just what's in, and possibly a reflection of the owner's tastes. Love second-hand bookshops.

Having said that, my sister in law refuses to touch a used book on the basis that someone "may have wanked while holding it".

She's an odd girl.

DuchessofMalfi Thu 20-Sep-12 12:51:03

Bleurgh, snigger grin. I hadn't thought of that, but the same could go for any library book with a dubious stain!!

snigger Thu 20-Sep-12 12:54:57

She doesn't have the same issue with banknotes, strangely grin

Like I say, an odd girl.

R2PeePoo Thu 20-Sep-12 13:04:12

I love new books but I just can't justify spending the money most of the time, any new books I buy come from Amazon.

Second hand books are fantastic, I love the rummage and the potential to discover a gem at an amazing price. Its much easier to justify a purchase and to ditch the book if it isn't very good. Library books are my preferred way to try new books and genres though, I always have one or two books out at a time and the online catalogue is one of my most visited sites.

I recently discovered the really cheap second hand book section on Amazon here where the price includes delivery. Its not sorted in any way, you just have to plough through until you find a gem. Its like an online second hand bookshop without the dust and bored children.

theonewiththenoisychild Thu 20-Sep-12 13:38:40

doesn't matter to me new or second hand. I've found some good books on ebay shops second hand. Got a kindle too so always got plenty of books to choose from

Bookbrain Thu 20-Sep-12 13:43:46

Second hand for sure. I am too tight fisted to buy new! There is a community centre near us who sell donated books for 10p each so I pop in from time to time and come out with armfuls of random purchases. Between that and the library I get a good supply of both new publications and strange off-the-wall old finds.

I actually prefer books which have been handled and read though maybe not handled in quite the way that snigger mentioned

snigger Thu 20-Sep-12 14:45:37

Guffaw at 'without dust and bored children' grin

Bookbrain Thu 20-Sep-12 21:40:38

R2, I love you. Am filling Amazon shopping basket with stupidly cheap books. Got DH two christmas presents as well, for about 50p. Mwah, mwah, mwah.

R2PeePoo Thu 20-Sep-12 22:10:58

Bookbrain grin

I couldn't believe that they would deliver me a book for just 45p but when they did I told DH the hours I spent trawling Amazon were well worth it.

The postman hates me though, always parcels arriving here grin.

R2PeePoo Thu 20-Sep-12 22:11:54

Oh and they seem to add books weekly.....just saying...

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