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To all the people devastated about the Tom Cruise, Jack Reacher film.

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ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 16:37:37

I have to say I was totally DEVASTATED years ago when he was cast as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire...he was too short, didnt look how I imagined, why DID they have to cast a star I just WASNT into as a character I LOVED, I just felt it was WRONG.

When saw the film I thought he was superb in the role to the extent that I felt it dragged when he was not on screen. Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned was far more what I had envisaged but nowhere near as hypnotic for me.

I am STILL not a fan but I would give him the benefit of the doubt on this.

ChaosTrulyReigns Sun 16-Sep-12 16:39:05

It's the height that disturbs me.

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 16-Sep-12 16:41:17

I take your point but I am afraid I must disagree.

There is too much emphasis placed on Reachers size in the books to ever be able to justify this casting.

An unknown needed to be cast IMO.

MadameCastafiore Sun 16-Sep-12 16:41:30

Have you not seen the trailer?

He is just so not JR!

It's like the complete fuck up they made casting Sean Bean as Sharpe'

BIWI Sun 16-Sep-12 16:45:54

No. No. No. And no.

The whole point of Reacher is his size. It is talked about all through each and every book.

Tom Cruise is completely wrong. Even his voice is wrong. Not that I've heard Reacher's voice, obviously (I'm not delusional grin) but I would put money on it not being as high pitched and squeaky as little Tom's is.

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:47:36

No no no I cannot cope with it. Am a HUGE Lee Child fan - have read every book and I also love Tom Cruise's films (I know, I know - but I like trashy stuff) but it's just not right.

I went to a book thingy where Lee Child was speaking last year and the audience gave him a pretty hard time about it - this was when it had all just come out. He said that Tom Cruise had been phoning him regularly over the past x years asking to play the part if the film was ever going to be made - that he's a real Reacher fan. He said no other actor out there looks like Reacher anyway so it might as well be someone who really wanted to do it.

hmm I had to put the whole thing out of my mind when the hardback came out recently - almost didn't want to buy it 'cos I'm so pissed off about it shock

Of course am still debating about whether to go and see the film or not blush

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:48:35

It even mentions in his most recent book (when he will have known Tom Cruise had been cast) that Reacher's 6'5"! And I don't know if this is my imagination or the books, but he's also blonde...

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 16:48:44

Ohh I used to have the hots for Sean Bean as Sharpe LOL, dont feel the same way any more.

The thing is, unless they stand him next to Liam Neeson (or Nicole Kidman in her heels!) they can make him appear taller

Its just I saw the threads and thought "ohh I can remember feeling like that about him and I was WRONG with a bit W"

Still not keen on him but loved him in that role.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 16-Sep-12 16:50:09

I suppose Robbie Coltrane isn't 10ft tall but he made a good Hagrid. Just saying.

Its wonderful what they can do with camera angles, special effects, etc.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 16:50:44

I meant to say "wrong with a BIG W"

VivaLeBeaver Sun 16-Sep-12 16:51:00

There's a trailer???

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:51:09

oh come on though - Tom Cruise, 6'5"...... I've seen the trailer and they've not even tried - he's basically just being Tom Cruise, which is great in the MI films and Knight and Day blush but just not Reacher sad

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:52:19

trailer here

AuntieMaggie Sun 16-Sep-12 16:52:22

He is too short!

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 16:54:04

and Reacher's more beat up and craggy and warn down. Tom's just looking like.... Tom in it.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 16:57:15

So who DID you see as Reacher? I would give it the benefit of the doubt until you see it in its entirity - like I say Stuart Townsend was TOTALLY how I imagined for Lestat but Tom totally nailed it for me despite not being what I imagined or wanted at all.

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 17:00:52

it's tricky...! In my mind he's kind of like a younger better looking Gerard Depadieu! grin Or in terms of current actors, I think Jason Statham would have been fairly good. Or Sean Bean? Neither are American I know...

sigh. there must have been someone else? How about a newbie actor no-one knows? Tom is so well known I think that's part of the problem. Reacher is an unknown as a character and a brand new film series - why give it to flipping Tom - he's got enough already!

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 17:02:01

But in Interview with a Vampire, which I loved, at least Tom looked different - and it was a long time ago. He's done a gazillion action films since then, so it feels Reacher will just be another same old same old character he 'does'.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 17:04:30

I dont think it would have been made without the "name"

Gerard no, Jason (yes quite like, dont generally like his films), last time I saw a photo of Sean he was putting out his bin bags and looking a bit worn LOL (is Jack meant to be sexy?)

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 17:06:30

I don't think he's meant to be immediately sexy, as he looks so down and out most of the time. I think he's someone the occasional woman will find attractive 'cos of his personality grin. But he's not someone you'd immediately look twice at, which is good for the plot lines - he can sit in places without being noticed and kind of blend in I'm possibly overthinking it all now


Yes, Jason would probably have been my top choice out of actors I know.

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 16-Sep-12 17:15:39

Someone who looks like channing tatum only a little rougher and with better acting skills. Thats my Reacher.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 17:19:36

LOL Dotty at "overthinking it" I know how it is when a character gets under your skin.

I do know what you mean about the clip looking like the "usual" generic American Tom as opposed to Lestat where he became a character. Having said that I did like Tom in Collateral too but all the 80s films like Top Gun and Cocktail where he was "generic American Tom" make me want to retch but it is possible, as he is obviously feeling this role, that he could pull it off.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 17:20:24

Lol I dont know who channing tatum is the only channing I can think of was female and I think in Grease.

ArtfulAardvark Sun 16-Sep-12 17:21:56

LOL thats Stockard Channing.

DottyDot Sun 16-Sep-12 17:22:12

I am a bit Reacher obsessed blush. Don't know Channing Tatum but after a quick google I can see where you're coming from..!

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