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Kindle bargain thread

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Kayano Thu 13-Sep-12 14:39:07

I don't know if this has been done before but with all the free content on kindle and some
Of it being dire I thought a thread could help find great books at great prices.

I also thought that people could say 'this book is only 20p - has anyone read it is it good?

I started it because

James Herbert - Ash
Is only 20p and I have bought it today
Please post your bargains!

bran Tue 18-Sep-12 20:41:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuperScribbler Wed 19-Sep-12 10:44:58

Not exactly cheap, but you can get the first 3 Poirots (Styles, Murder on the Links and Poirot Investigstes) in a bundle for £9.99 (normally £4.99 each).

Also a bundle of the first three Marples for £9.99.

elkiedee Wed 19-Sep-12 14:05:53

Ooh yes, I enjoyed The Untied Kingdom, which I reviewed when it came out, see here:

If you enjoy chick lit and historical romance, Choc Lit , publisher of the Untied Kingdom, sell nearly all their books for Kindle for £1.99 or less each - this one is currently free, review by someone else but I enjoyed it too.

TheCalmingManatee Wed 19-Sep-12 14:11:37

marks place - am just reading ASH by James Herbert, its OK, not brilliant as yet.

TheCalmingManatee Wed 19-Sep-12 14:12:51

Classics are often Free, i downloaded "five children and It" by E nesbit, i read it to DD, she I loves it

tiggy114 Wed 19-Sep-12 14:31:02

Just got Ash. Havn't read James Herbert for a long while but used to love him as much as Steven King at one time. More ghosty than SK. So will look forward to this read. Great idea for a thread btw.

BeatTheClock Wed 19-Sep-12 14:35:33

What a great thread! Thanks Kayanosmile It is hard to know what's good and not in the free/cheapy downloads. I'll have a good look through these suggestions.

I bought The Count Of Monte Cristo for 77p. I've been promising myself forever to read it and get the feeling it's one of those books I ought to have read (but never doblush) No excuse now.

frenchfancy Wed 19-Sep-12 16:20:37

Ascension Day by Johm Matthews is free today. I read his other book Past Imperfect which I also got free and it was very good. Hopefully this one is too.

Trills Wed 19-Sep-12 16:24:22

Are you just listing "books that are cheap" or are you saying "books that are cheap and they are good because I have read them or I know that author"?

bran Wed 19-Sep-12 16:42:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moonshine Wed 19-Sep-12 17:23:09

Disclaimer - Have not read Tim Weaver books but he gets really good reviews all over the place and 2 of his books are currently 1.99 on the Kindle only (Chasing the Dead and the Dead Tracks)

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 19-Sep-12 17:28:15

I have read Monday to Friday Man (20p), can recommend it as a good easy chick lit book.

BabeRuthless Wed 19-Sep-12 18:24:24

Have we all seen that the first Lewis book by Peter May is 20p?

frenchfancy Wed 19-Sep-12 18:55:44

I was going to only list ones I had read and enjoyed, then I saw the free one from the same author. The trouble is alot of the free/cheap books are only on offer for a limited time, sometimes only a day.

elkiedee Wed 19-Sep-12 19:53:24

I'd just come to post about The Lewis Man, though it's #2 in the series and #1 is £2.99 (The Blackhouse). Wish they'd offer his Beijing series so cheaply, though either all of them or one which isn't the 2nd in the series as I paid £5.73 for that. I have 1, 3 and 5 in paperback I think, but I've no idea where two of them are.

BabeRuthless Wed 19-Sep-12 20:04:28

Didn't realise it was number two. Though just over £3 for the pair is a really good deal.

bran Wed 19-Sep-12 20:12:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elkiedee Wed 19-Sep-12 21:20:59

Now that's a good way of looking at it BabeRuthless. I've got them already, though I do recommend them. Can I come back to you when I need help to justify my Kindle purchases to myself?

DuchessofMalfi Wed 19-Sep-12 22:23:19

I'm fairly sure I got The Blackhouae for 20p a while back. Just bought Lewis Man. 40p for both - bargain smile.

BabeRuthless Thu 20-Sep-12 10:42:41

Oh I manage to justify just about any kindle purchase wink

Scootergrrrl Fri 21-Sep-12 06:16:35

The Heat Of The Sun is today's daily deal for 99p and has amazing reviews. Have bought it.

housewife84 Fri 21-Sep-12 09:28:14

I really want to get a kindle i love reading books! has anyone read the 50 shades books yet?

tiggy114 Fri 21-Sep-12 16:26:51

How do i get the daily deal emails? I thought i'd subscribed but aren't getting any emails. And yes, i loved 50 shades! Just read as a fun read though, don't expect intellectual. Think da vinci code wink

DuchessofMalfi Fri 21-Sep-12 18:03:48

Click this link tiggy114 and then on the right hand side it says Kindle Daily Deal - from there you can subscribe to the daily deal email.

DuchessofMalfi Fri 21-Sep-12 18:06:09

I hope that didn't just take you to my Amazon account.

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