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Recommended books to read on Chernobyl disaster

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lovechoc Tue 04-Sep-12 18:57:06

Will hopefully be looking after one of the 'Chernobyl Children' (through Friends of Chernobyl's Children charity) next year and would love to read up a bit more about the background of the tragedy, how it has affected the population even to this day.

If anyone has any books they can recommend, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!smile

ToffeePenny Wed 05-Sep-12 03:21:52

Not a book but I found this photo-blog interesting. Her dad works with the Chernobyl authorities and so she is allowed into the area.

lovechoc Wed 05-Sep-12 20:02:12

Thank you ToffeePenny, have just looked through all those photos, and text from that blog. Very eerie, but interesting to read.

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