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aliciaflorrick Mon 09-Jul-12 11:19:45

Hello to all the members of the Kindle Club, as you're probably all aware we suffered a bit of a disaster in the book department over the weekend. It would be greatly appreciated if you could re-upload any books that you may have on your Kindles or computers and get the library back to the state it was in before this weekend.

Thank you.

Eve Wed 03-Jul-13 13:04:46

I know this is an old message but I did have lot of books from this club and they have now all gone. ;-(

I would love some more.

It was based on dropbox , but books were all deleted.

Would others be interested in starting again?

schmalex Wed 03-Jul-13 15:46:18

Surely this is just pirating? Or am I missing something?

Eve Wed 03-Jul-13 17:35:28

It's books that have been bought legally & then being shared.

They are not being copied which is illegal.

JennySense Mon 08-Jul-13 22:15:07

I would be interested smile

MimsyBorogroves Tue 09-Jul-13 19:00:53

I would be...but unfortunately my Dropbox is full of DH's work stuff (which is why I had to pull out before)

Are there other similar options?

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