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Really scary books please.

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ohyouBadBadkitten Thu 22-Mar-12 18:32:37

Pretty much housebound in the short term and last time I asked for book recommendations you lot were fab!

Just finishing up the Shining. read it yonks ago and it is still v. good. So something like that please but not too high brow. Thanks smile

Now re: The House of Lost Souls by F G Cottam - is it you I've talked to about this before? I hated it and thought it was really silly, cliched (can't do accent thingie) and completely unscary but if it wasn't you, somebody else on MN found it terrifying too. I was disappointed, as I thought it seemed a perfect book for me on picking it up. It reminded me of 'The haunting Of Hill House' which I also really hated.

NowWeKnow Fri 30-Mar-12 18:39:52

Hi Remus..Oh dear, no it wasn't moi. It was really because of a mn thread ages ago suggesting it that made me read it at all. I thought it was very scary but it just goes to show that we all have different ideas about what's scary. I do prefer a psychological rather than a gory scare wrt to books though.

I must agree with you about Stephen King. He's really very hard to beat. Someone mentioned Bag of Bones earlier - I thought that was exceptionally good. You also mentioned John Fowles The Collector. Now that is a good book, disturbing rather than horror and like nothing else. Have you ever read The Magus by him? I always put that in my list of all time favourite books if the subject comes up. It's so hard to describe it. Like a book about a surreal painting confused I loved it.

I haven't read, 'The Magus.' In fact, I know nothing at all about it. Thank you so much for reminding me, as I'm always on the look out for something new to read and (as is clear from this thread!) am horribly fussy. I will look out for it. 'The Collector' completely freaked me out though - to the point of nightmares.

'Bag Of Bones' is great - that scene when the guy (have forgotten his name) goes to drown the girl - arghhhh.

Can't wait for the new Dark Tower book, which is out v soon.

Please tell me more books you love, as it seems we tend to go for similar things. smile

GeorginaWorsley Mon 02-Apr-12 17:43:49

I like FG Cottam.
The Waiting Room is my favourite,followed by Dark Echo.
Quite enjoyed House of Lost Souls,found The Magdalena Curse rubbish.

Pandalaw Sat 14-Apr-12 21:23:30

Remus, it was me who loved FG Cottam! Brodmaw Bay, his latest, is just brilliant. So scary without resorting to blood and guts. Also just read Florence and Giles which, once I'd become accustomed to the narrators rather idiosyncratic vocabulary, was great. Spooked me when I had a rare moment to myself.

Pandalaw Sat 14-Apr-12 21:48:51

Have you read Brodmaw Bay yet, Georgina and Nowweknow?

bringbacksideburns Sun 15-Apr-12 19:51:57

Jonathan Aycliffe - Naomi's room. Bloody hell it's horrific. There's a part midway through that really sacred me. The ending spoilt if for me though.

And of course The Little Stranger - ooh the bit in the Nursery. I was on the edge of my seat, literally. (Awaits the film)

Ohyoubadbadkitten Mon 16-Apr-12 15:06:14

ok I read Swan Song. it started off pretty good but by about page 600 i was starting to get a bit fed up of it. Much prefer The Stand as i thought that was less forced.

Am reading Hater now. Good start!

WhatTheCatDraggedIn Mon 16-Apr-12 15:12:28

Anything by Nicci French - especially 'Killing Me Softly'

Had to hide the book in a cupboard, scared the pants off me.

Cloudminnow Sat 21-Apr-12 23:18:43

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

Ohyoubadbadkitten Sun 22-Apr-12 10:04:17

Hater is superb. Finished it and ordered Dog Blood.

Jackyourbody Mon 23-Apr-12 13:31:25

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. Very good and VERY scary!

bringbacksideburns Fri 11-Jan-13 18:51:11

I recently read FG Cottam The Waiting Room. Really enjoyed it. It's rekindled my interest in the First World War and the War Poets too.

I've picked up Brodmar Bay (i think it's called) and thought i might give that a try.

I prefer ghost stories and psychological terror to really heavy gore.

CoteDAzur Fri 11-Jan-13 23:05:19

OP - Try "Duma Key". It's one of Stephen King's newer books.

CoteDAzur Fri 11-Jan-13 23:06:40

Peter Hamilton's Reality Dysfunction books were not scary at all. Starts off at sci-fi, then becomes a zombie book. Meh.

OneHolyCow Mon 14-Jan-13 10:27:57

Tana French's last one really got under my skin, bleak and terrifying. What's it.. ehm, Broken Harbour!

rainbowriver Mon 14-Jan-13 15:51:16

Just read Dark Matter by Michelle Paver, thanks to Jackyourbody for the recommendation!

It was brilliant!

PeachActiviaMinge Mon 14-Jan-13 15:57:09

Prey by Michael Crichton

Its a Sci-Fi thriller really but it creeped the hell out of me and I'm pretty de-sensitized to horror.

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