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anyone know if you can repair a cracked kindle screen?

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basildonbond Mon 09-Jan-12 23:45:15

sad my 2nd gen kindle is broken (sob) - dh didn't see it and leaned his elbow on it - not v hard but the screen is broken (not the top layer, but underneath)

It was bought from in the states and is more than a year old so out of warranty (and the warranty doesn't cover accidental damage anyway)

is it possible to repair a kindle screen or would it be easier/cheaper to replace with one of the wifi only new small ones?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 10-Jan-12 01:40:21

I would try contacting (assuming you're here now) and asking nicely. Their customer service is pretty good, you might get a free replacement.

TanteRose Tue 10-Jan-12 01:41:18

agree - friends of mine have got free replacements with no questions asked! worth a try.

TanteRose Tue 10-Jan-12 01:42:12

meant to add, it was for accidental damage - child jumping on bed and smashing kindle

lulu05 Tue 10-Jan-12 15:47:17

I can't see how it could be fixed. I second trying customer services. I had one replaced with a cracked screen which was accidental. You aren't going to buy many books if you can't read them!

NatashaBee Tue 10-Jan-12 15:52:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

basildonbond Wed 11-Jan-12 11:14:35

called but they said I needed to call as it was bought in the states sad haven't managed to get through yet so not holding out much hope ...

alibubbles Wed 11-Jan-12 13:51:08

I had to call about a parcel that was wrongly addressed, (my fault,) that I was having sent to a family member to bring back. They were incredibly helpful, cancelled and refunded and then expedited the parcel without waiting for the original to be returned to them! Hopefully you will get good service too, if not I can sell you a Kindle!

basildonbond Fri 13-Jan-12 21:50:25

well ... they said they couldn't give me a free one but they've sent me a replacement 3G version for $40

I spoke to them on Tuesday night and it arrived from the States this morning! only problem is it's slightly smaller than my old one (much lighter too) and my cover won't fit - pah!

basildonbond Fri 13-Jan-12 21:51:05

actually make that Wednesday night! gosh that was quick

alibubbles Sun 15-Jan-12 17:17:15

Impressed! My sis bought my father the Kindle touch from the US and I can't get a cover for it here yet, the Amazon own is the best, as it has the little brackets that fit into the side of the kindle, so he'll have to wait 3 months as they won't ship it here yet.

Glad you have a nice shiny new one!

Tiesse Wed 22-Aug-12 19:12:58

I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would contribute to it.

I was stupid enough to try carrying far too much in my arms when walking down the stairs at my Girlfriend's house, resulting in my dropping the Kindle & breaking the screen!

I have this evening called UK customer support to arrange a repair & they have indeed advised that I shall be receiving a new replacement!

My Kindle is way out of warranty!

Gobsmacked at what must be a unique approach to customer service.

Well done Amazon!

Roseformeplease Wed 22-Aug-12 19:19:27

This pisses me off. I broke my screen and was only offered a discount on a new Kindle. They no longer make the one I have meaning that a new one would not fit the cover bought for £50 less than a year ago. I was raging and sent lots of emails and called but they would only give me a 20% discount. I eventually bought one from eBay and they lost my custom. Now I am tempted to buy my books thin eBay instead.

jobyone1980 Mon 03-Dec-12 11:34:07

Hey guys - I had the same problem with my Kindle. Thought it was frozen, but it was cracked. It was out of the warranty so I looked up how to fix it rather than buy another one.

These people came up: and they had the choice to either fix it for me or to send me a screen so I could fix it (I sent mine to them to fix as I was a bit unsure). It was sorted within a few days and as good as new! grin.

Hope that helps anyone in a similar position.

Karen181 Thu 14-Feb-13 15:15:33

My kindle 3 was out of warranty and Amazon couldn't offer me the same model for replacement, found and they repaired my damaged kindle screen on the same day for a decent price. Very pleased with their service and i recommend their service.

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