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Can we have a Jonathan Coe worship thread [swoon]?

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Pruni Sun 15-Jan-06 19:45:56

Message withdrawn

Roobie Sun 15-Jan-06 19:47:34

Me too .... currently reading Closed Circle and have read all his other stuff apart from Accidental Woman.

ggglimpopo Sun 15-Jan-06 19:47:52

Message withdrawn

Pruni Sun 15-Jan-06 19:53:35

Message withdrawn

Hazellnut Mon 16-Jan-06 12:43:46

I love Jonathan Coe - have read all but Accidental woman and closed circle (but it is on my bookcase awaiting me.....). Fab.

Lio Mon 16-Jan-06 12:46:38

Yes, loved the rotters club and closed circle. Will keep the accidental woman for when I need something fun to read (sometimes my reading group books need a bit of levity in between). He is ace.

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 18:24:08

Message withdrawn

Hazellnut Mon 16-Jan-06 19:16:26

House of sleep is great - the first one I read I think which started me off....

Will put Closed circle to the top of my to be read list in that case.

Tatties Mon 16-Jan-06 19:31:22

Oh Pruni, do read House of Sleep, it is the only Jonathan Coe book I have read and it is soooo good. It was one of those books I couldn't put down. Must get into him again

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 21:30:32

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Mon 16-Jan-06 21:37:12

He might or he might not be, Pruni. I am selflessly willing to research this for you.

notasheep Mon 16-Jan-06 21:50:26

I adored a Jonathan Coe i read but sorry cant remember the title

notasheep Mon 16-Jan-06 21:50:52

Shag-yes i would

snafu Mon 16-Jan-06 21:53:04

Mmm, I'll join this thread. Have recently finished 3rd re-reading of What A Carve Up and it's better every time. Have not read Closed Circle yet - may have to skip along to Amazon right now...

notasheep Mon 16-Jan-06 21:54:58

snafu-it was what a carve up!

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 21:56:50

Message withdrawn

snafu Mon 16-Jan-06 21:57:21

Love that book, notasheep It reminds me of the summer after my finals when I could finally read books I wanted to read rather than books I had to read, iyswim!

Rhubarb Mon 16-Jan-06 22:00:36

Oh right! him!, I thought you meant the Tory MP Sebastian Coe!

notasheep Mon 16-Jan-06 22:01:09

Maybe if the Mums net Jonathan Coe worshippers all made a donation we could have "an audience with Jonathan Coe"!!!!!

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 22:15:17

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Mon 16-Jan-06 22:42:18


Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 22:44:37

Message withdrawn

Pruni Mon 16-Jan-06 22:44:58

Message withdrawn

harpsichordcarrier Mon 16-Jan-06 22:46:25

am liking the euphemism "brow mopper"

Blu Mon 16-Jan-06 22:49:41

You're welcome to his brain, Pruni - I'll take the bits you can't get from Amazon.

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